2014 Intro: Devin Booker

The Michigan basketball staff is already hot on the trail of a number of 2014 prospects. One of those receiving the most consistent attention is Moss Point (MS) combo guard, Devin Booker. With Michigan in the house a few weeks back the former Grandville (MI) prospect made a splash in his first game in the south notching 26 points, 11 rebounds, and seven assists.

Sam Webb: Take me back to your camp experience at Michigan last summer.  What were your impressions?

Devin Booker: “I loved it.  I loved being around the players the coaches.  Thery’re just outgoing people.”

Sam Webb: When you visited Michigan a few weeks back was that your first time up for a game?

Devin Booker: “No, not for football.  I’d been up there to watch a football game.”

Sam Webb: What about this time as a special guest?  How did it feel?  What did you think of the atmosphere and the vibe around the program?

Devin Booker: “It was crazy.  The campus was because it was homecoming, the big game, they love their football team.  It was crazy (laughing).”

Sam Webb: Your dad told me you moved down to Mississippi.  What has that transition been like for you? 

Devin Booker: “I’ve adjusted really well.  The move was basically for basketball so my dad could train me, doing some stuff that I’ve never heard of or seen before.”

Sam Webb: How much has your game grown just in the time that you’ve been down there with your dad?

Devin Booker: “I believe it has changed a lot. Unlike where I was at in Michigan in Grandville, players are more aggressive here and it just brings out the dog in you.”

Sam Webb: Describe your game for me.  Give me a scouting report.

Devin Booker: “Well I play a little bit of everything. I don’t just (rely) athleticism or shooting ability. I play with an I.Q. (doing things like) noticing mismatches.  Like my dad says, I can play the one through threee, but I’m most comfortable at the two right now.  On the defensive side, I play to my opponent’s weakness.  I understand what he wants to do and play against it.  I rebound.  My dad stresses rebounding and defense the most, so that’s what I try to concentrate on.”

Sam Webb: Did grow up a fan of any particular program?

Devin Booker: “Well I was always a Michigan fan, but I don’t really care where I go to college.  It is whatever best fits for me.”

Sam Webb: What are some of the schools that you’re interested in even if you haven’t heard from them yet?

Devin Booker: “I like all the schools.  I went up to Michigan for an unofficial for their homecoming.  The facilities are crazy…like nothing I’ve seen before.  I took an unofficial to Missouri also, and that was awesome.”

Sam Webb: Give me your current list of schools?

Devin Booker: “Michigan Missouri, Mississippi, Mississippi State.  I like Michigan State also.  I like Florida.”

Sam Webb: Do you have any other unofficial visit plans in the coming months?

Devin Booker: “(More will come) after my season is over because right now I’m just settling in down here.  October I traveled a lot so I’m trying to settle down right now.  Once the season is over I’ll be back up there.”

Sam Webb: Getting back to Michigan, your dad told me that you’ve been in touch with Bacari Alexander.  Obviously you got a chance to spend more face time with the staff up here on the visit.  What did they say to you about how you might fit in with them?

Devin Booker: “They picked up Mitch McGary and they have Zak Irvin committed.  They said that I would be more like a Darius Morris type, but with a jumpshot.  They like that I see the floor well.  I can come off a few screens, then switch up between being off the ball and on the ball."

Sam Webb: What about your vibe with the staff?

Devin Booker: “I love ‘B.A.’  He is just an outstanding outgoing guy.  He is good at his job.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Booker in the weeks and months to come.

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