UM cruises in 2half, wins 45-17. Drives/Stats

Nebraska had 3 fumbles and a blocked punt in the 2nd half, and U-M took advantage of most of the miscues. 2nd half Drives, Stats.

Nebraska #1

NEB fumbled the kickoff and U-M recovered at the NEB 33.

Michigan #1

On 2nd and 7, Denard hit Jeremy Gallon on a screen to the NEB 7.

After a no-gain; on 2nd down ran to the 5; on 3rd down U-M got an interference call in the end zone.

On 1st down at the 2 Toussaint lost 2; on 2nd down Denard ran it to the 1; on 3rd down Denard faked and waltzed it in at the 11:23 mark.

Michigan 24, Nebraska 10


Nebraska #2

NEB took the touchback to the NEB 20.

On 2nd and 1, NEB ran it 16 to the NEB 45.

There the drive stalled at the 9:09 mark.

Michigan #2

NEB bobbled the punt-snap, it was blocked to the 50.

On the first play Toussaint ran 11 to the NEB 39.

On the next play Toussaint ran 11 to the NEB 28, and a late hit took it to the NEB 14.

Stephen Hopkins ran the next play in, but a facemask took it back to the NEB 17.

After losing 3, on 2nd and 16 Denard rolled out and hit Drew Dileo to the NEB 5; on 3rd and 1 Denard was stopped. U-M faked a field goal to the 1.

Toussaint waltzed in on the next play at the 5:03 mark.

Michigan 31, Nebraska 10


Nebraska #3

NEB took the kickoff to the NEB 26.

NEB went 3 and out at the 4:16 mark

Michigan #3

The punt bounced to the U-M 4.

U-M went 3 and out at the 2:44 mark.

Nebraska #4

NEB took the punt to the U-M 31.

On 2nd and 10, NEB hit the pass at the U-M 19.

On 3rd and 1, NEB got the 1st down at the U-M 8.

On 2nd down at the 4, NEB scored at the :53 mark.

Michigan 31, Nebraska 17


Michigan #4

Odoms took the kickoff to the U-M 24, a flag took it back to the U-M 14.

On 4th down a roughing the kicker call took to to the U-M 32.

Third Quarter Stats
U-M gained 323 yards, 133 passing, 190 rushing ... 31 points
NEB gained 187 yards, 77 passing and 110 rushing ... 17 points.

Third Quarter Only Stats
U-M gained 93 yards, 35 passing, 58 rushing, and had 2 TDs.
NEB gained 62 yards, 12 passing and 50 rushing, and had a TD and a fumble.



(U-M #4 cont.) Toussaint ran it 14 to the U-M 46.

On 3rd and 4, Denard hit Odoms at the NEB 40.

On 3rd and 9, Denard hit Odoms for the deep TD at the 10:14 mark.

Michigan 38, Nebraska 17


Nebraska #5

Nebraska fumbled the kickoff at the NEB 22.

Michigan #5

The drive stalled, and U-M missed a 42 yard field goal at the 8:36 mark.

Nebraska #6

Starting at the U-M 25. On 3rd and 3, Nebraska fumbled at the NEB 31 at the 7:41 mark.

Michigan #6

Toussaint took the next snap to the house at the 7:33 mark.

Michigan 45, Nebraska 17


Nebraska #7

NEB took the kickoff to the NEB 35.

NEB went 3 and out at the 6:36 mark.

Michigan #7

Gallon took the punt to the U-M 34.

U-M went 3 and out at the 4:27 mark.

Nebraska #8

NEB fair-caught it at the NEB 44.

After a Will Campbell sack on 1st down, on 3rd and 3, Martinez ran it to the U-M 38.

On the next play NEB completed a pass to the U-M 25.

On 3rd and 8, NEB hit a pass to the U-M 8.

There NEB took it over on downs at the 1:44 mark.

Michigan #8

Starting at the U-M 8, U-M took 3 knees to run out the clock.

Final Stats
U-M gained 421 yards, 180 passing, 241 rushing, and threw 1 int.
NEB gained 254 yards, 122 passing and 132 rushing, and lost 3 fumbles.
Toussaint ran for 138 yards and 2 TDs on 29 carries (4.8 ypc).
Denard ran for 83 yards on 23 carries, and was 11-18 passing for 180 yards, 2 TDs and an int.

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