Mario Ojemudia will be back!

The Maize and Blue commitment from Farmington Hills Harrison (MI) was in the crowd for the Wolverines big win on Saturday, and GoBlueWolverine caught up with him to get his impressions on the game ... and on the upcoming Big Game.

Mario Ojemudia has been a staple at Michigan games this season, along with fellow teammate and commitment, Devin Funchess, and Saturday was no different.

"I think that was there best game all season both on offense and defense," Ojemudia told GoBlueWolverine matter of factly.

The meteoric rise of the Michigan defense has not been lost on fans, pundits and Ojemudia himself.

"It's just a significant changes in the defense. They have the same players as last year pretty much, but it's just showing what different schemes can do, and it's really working."

Ojemudia will soon be joining that defense, and his future coordinator has ideas on how to use his tenacity and athleticism.

"I talked to Mattison after the game and he's just telling me he wants to line me up in different places and just have me go get the quarterback."

The question on every mind of a person who follows Michigan recruiting, is what will happen with Bri'onte Dunn, and Ojemudia has his own thoughts on the five star running back.

"I didn't even get to talk to him yesterday, but I have before a few times. I think he really likes it here, and I think he wants to come here but there are just a few things he's got to work out."

Ojemudia will again return to the Michigan stands for their showdown against the rival Buckeye's, with plenty of recruits and fellow commitments present as well, which is something that means quite a lot to Ojemudia.

"Yeah, I'm going to be there. It's really important because right out of the gate we're all pretty close with each other and you'll just see the chemistry come together on the field eventually."

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