Decision for Darboh or Another Visit?

In part one of our feature on West Des Moines (IA) Dowling WR Amara Darboh, the talented youngster reflects upon last weekend's visit to Ann Arbor and indicates whether his updated decision timeline will really include another visit.

Sam Webb: Regarding last weekend’s Michigan visit, I know this was your second time up to Ann Arbor, but this time it was a game experience.  What was this time like for you?

Amara Darboh: “It was great! It was unbelievable! I’ve heard so much (about Michigan games). My basketball coach is a Michigan fan and one of my buddies that goes to a different school is also a pretty big Michigan fan and he tells me about the games all the time.  Going in there and actually experiencing it, it was unbelievable…great atmosphere, great fans, and it was a good game, which made that even better.”

“Seeing them play and seeing the fans… they’re all passionate about the Wolverines.  Seeing the players get hyped up before the game and everything... that was nice to see. Also it was a big game with a lot of recruits there. Being around them, getting to know different people and talking to them and everything… it was nice.”

Sam Webb: You said being around the players. Which players did you hang out with and who was your host?

Amara Darboh: “I hung out with Tamani (Carter) on Friday night, ‘cause Roy (Roundtree) was with the team and all.  I hung out with Roy on Saturday. I got to meet Roy when I came in the summer and he seemed like a cool dude so.  He said, when I came back to take my official, he said he was going to be the one to host me.”

Sam Webb: As far as other recruits, did any of the commitments try to convince you to join the fold at all?

Amara Darboh: “Yeah, I got a chance to meet the quarterback, Shane Morris, I think that’s his name, the 2013. I got to meet him. I talked to Kaleb Ringer. I’ve been talking to him on Twitter and that kind of thing, and Pee-Wee (Ondre Pipkins). I had a chance to talk to Pee-Wee. He was hanging out with me and Roy a lot. I met some other people there too. Sione Houma, the fullback… I got a chance to hang with him too.”

Sam Webb: What about your time with the coaches? What was Coach Hecklinski’s message to you this time around?

Amara Darboh: “He just talked about the offense, which direction they’re heading, and what role I’d be playing if I chose to come to Michigan and everything. He told me what they thought about me and the impact I could have on them.”

Sam Webb: As far as your recruitment goes, your coach did an interview last week and said a decision could come from you this week.  Is that accurate for you?

Amara Darboh: “Yeah, I think I need to talk to my guardian and people that are close to me and stuff, but yeah. I’m at that point where I think it could come soon. I think it’s going to be no later than before Christmas. I just want to get it done with and go into (shoulder) surgery knowing where I’m going to go.”

Sam Webb: You said you might take another visit.  Would that delay that decision if you took another visit?

Amara Darboh: “Yeah, if I went down to Florida, it would, so yeah.”

Sam Webb: What’s going to determine whether you visit Florida or going ahead and making a decision? What factors play a role in that?

Amara Darboh: “Just think about it and see if Florida’s a place I can actually see myself… if I’m willing to take a visit there.  (It will depend on) if I go sit down and compare which schools I have (already) visited and see if I feel strongly about a particular school.”

Sam Webb: If you could give me a percentage, what are the odds you get the decision out of the way before Christmas?

Amara Darboh: “Before Christmas? Yeah, I’m 100% sure I’m going to do it before Christmas. If I take a Florida visit, it would be before Christmas.”

Sam Webb: Ah ok, different question then, what are the odds that you make a decision without taking another visit?

Amara Darboh: “I would say right now, it’s probably 60-40. The drive to Ann Arbor was pretty far. I had a chance to play travel basketball and I got a chance to travel around, but the drive to Ann Arbor was pretty long and it made me think about going all the way down to Florida and everything. I think it’s 60-40 I’ll be deciding before I take that visit.”

Sam Webb: Have you determined where Michigan fits on your list? Is there a leaderboard?

Amara Darboh: “There’s not really a leaderboard. (The Wolverines) are up there, but it’s pretty tight with all of them.  It changes every day. That’s the thing… once I think about it more…it’s tough. It’s tough right now once you start giving it more thought and stuff.”

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for part two of this feature, which will publish tomorrow.

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