Early decision on tap for '13 LB Gedeon?

Junior linebacker Ben Gedeon traveled to Ann Arbor with his brothers Saturday to take in the Michigan/Ohio State game. The four-star athlete out of Hudson, Ohio discusses his impressions of the visit and when he's thinking about making a decision.

Hudson high school four-star linebacker Ben Gedeon made his way to Ann Arbor Saturday afternoon to take in the Michigan/Ohio State game at the big house. Gedeon came to see a great game and left just as impressed with the amount of fans that fit into Michigan stadium.

"It was a lot of fun," said Gedeon. "It was my first time at Michigan for a game and first time seeing a game in the big house. It was pretty cool seeing 114,000 fans and then they got the win so it was awesome."

Along for the visit with Gedeon were two of his brothers with both getting the chance to meet defensive coordinator Greg Mattison for the first time.

"They liked it a lot, it was the first time they met Coach Mattison and they liked him and liked the atmosphere there," said Gedeon.

Playing on both sides of the ball for Hudson this fall, Gedeon will stick to defense once he hits a college campus.

"Probably right now they're looking (at Gedeon) as a linebacker," said Ben. "I keep in touch with Coach Mattison and Coach Smith quite frequently. They write letters to me and I call them pretty often."

Gedeon managed to make it to two other games this fall, at Ohio State and at Penn State, but when asked which visit he liked best so far it was clear the most recent one stood out most.

"I liked Michigan a lot, probably because it was the Ohio State/Michigan game, it's a big game and exciting game," said Gedeon.

Though the buckeyes didn't score a victory on the field Saturday, the hiring of Urban Meyer has been seen as a major win for Ohio State. With Gedeon being one of the top players in Ohio for the class of 2013 it stands to wonder whether or not the new man in charge in Columbus has been in contact.

"Not yet, no," said Gedeon. "It's a big step for the buckeyes and looking forward to keeping in touch with them."

Hudson high was eliminated from the playoffs a few weeks ago by Wadsworth high by a score of 42-21. With the off-season in full effect for Gedeon he knows of one place he'll visit quite a bit over the next few months.

"I would say getting in the weight room and getting stronger for next year," said Gedeon. "It's a big goal for the team and probably just developing in the weight room and getting faster."

With Gedeon being able to get out to college campuses as just a junior, it's allowed him the opportunity to begin weighing his options earlier than normal. Could an early decision be on tap?

"I haven't really thought about that too much but right now I'm probably leaning towards an early decision, maybe late spring or summer ... but we'll see," said Gedeon.

Whether Gedeon decides in the spring or summer he's well aware of what he's looking for in the college he selects.

"Atmosphere there and knowing I can see myself there with the type of guys that are playing and having a good relationship with the coaching staff too," said Gedeon.

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