Michigan in Top Two for '13 S Powell

2013 Ohio safety Jalyn Powell took his third trip to Michigan this fall for the Ohio State game last Saturday. Powell, out of Michigan-friendly Warren Harding, talks to GBW about the visit, which trip has stood out the most and what two school's are in the lead in this recruitment.

What were your impressions of Michigan on your visit for the Ohio State game?

Jalyn Powell (6-1/185): I liked it a lot, it was real nice.

You've been to Ann Arbor earlier this season as well, correct?

Powell: I went to the Notre Dame game, the Nebraska one and the Ohio State game.

How did this visit compare to the previous ones?

Powell: This one was way better. Way more people there and it was way louder.

Did you get a chance to talk with some of the coaches more on this visit?

Powell: No, not really. I didn't really get to talk to them that much.

Did you get to meet or interact with any of the other recruits in attendance or players on the team?

Powell: I didn't really talk to anyone else, I was just watching the game.

As you were watching the game did you find yourself paying attention to the safety position and what their responsibilities are in the defense?

Powell: Yeah I did. They haven't said anything (about the position they want him at) but I assume safety.

Do you feel yourself warming up to Michigan a lot more because you've been on campus so many times?

Powell: Yes sir.

How steady has the contact been with Michigan to this point?

Powell: They send me letters almost every week.

Do you have any other visits set up throughout the winter?

Powell: I have one to West Virginia, it's pretty much just those two right now (Michigan and West Virginia).

Have any other school's tried contacting you or getting involved in your recruitment recently?

Powell: I've gotten letters from other school's but that's it. I haven't really talked to any other school's.

What are some things you plan on working on in the off-season in preparation for your senior year?

Powell: I want to get stronger and I want to get faster too.

Are you planning an early decision since West Virginia and Michigan are standing out right now?

Powell: I'm not sure yet.

What factors will make one school separate itself from the other at this point?

Powell: Where I can play faster. The place I can get on the field faster.

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