RB Commit Max Martin Scouting Report

I'd talked in early May to the head coach of Michigan commitment Big Back <B>Max Martin</B> from Madison, Ala., Bob Jones. Here once again is the coach's scouting report on Martin.

I asked the Bob Jones Head Coach, Mike Bates, to describe Max Martin as a player.

"Max is real intense, and he does things we want him to do: he practices hard, he has a great weight room ethic. He has grown quite a bit and gained weight, he's 6-2, 216 lbs. now. And he's gotten stronger -- he benches over 400 now. I recently timed him at 4.59 in the 40 -- that's a 'real time'. Max's forte is his running style: he's a cut-back runner; he's a good inside-outside runner; he has great knee action. And he catches the ball well: he caught four touchdown passes."

In eight games as a junior (he missed three full games and part of a fourth in the middle of the season for the 6-5 Patriots), Max rushed for 1,069 yards on 138 carries (7.7 yards per carry; approx. 20 carries per game). He also caught five passes for 133 yards and four more touchdowns. As a part time outside linebacker in five games he made 53 tackles and two sacks.

By they way, according to an Alabama web site report this week, by the latter part of May scholarship offers were coming in fast for Martin, and he ended up with offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, LSU, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, UAB and Vanderbilt.

Martin is MaxEmfingerRecruiting.com's #8 tailback.

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