Godin Gives Odds

Matt Godin was on campus for his official visit this weekend taking in a Michigan bowl practice and hanging out with future teammates. Could one or two commits come out of the weekend? Godin gives GBW his odds.

Catholic Central defensive tackle and Michigan five-tech defensive end commitment Matt Godin headed to Ann Arbor over the weekend taking the first and only official visit he needed before he becomes a Wolverine.

"It was just a lot of fun," said Godin. "We're all close already and it was fun to see everyone before we go in the summer."

With so many future teammates on the visit as well, Godin was able to experience what his life will be like in 6 months.

"I couldn't believe it, especially when we hang out with players and stuff because I mean I felt like I was about to go suit up and practice," said Godin. "I wish I could (laughing). Me, Strobel and Wormley all followed the defensive line the whole time and watched what we're going to have to do," said Godin.

Two fellow commits Godin is very familiar with that were also visiting this weekend were Royce Jenkins-Stone and Terry Richardson from Detroit Cass Tech who beat Catholic Central for the division one state championship. Despite Godin's disappointment, the three had a good time with it.

"I walked in with a huge smile on my face and I looked at them and they smirked back," said Godin laughing. "I allowed them to get a few jokes out cause they beat me but after that it was all good."

With all of the bonding going on between current and future wolverines, a little recruiting took place as well with Michigan playing host to two new prospects, OG Alex Kozan and TE Sam Grant.

"Most of the time they were with us and we just made them feel at home too," Godin said of the two uncommitted visitors. "I'm sure one of them will at least commit, I don't know how you can't after having that much fun with us (laughing)."

When Godin spoke to Kozan about the visit, the Colorado native was vague but intrigued by what he'd seen.

"When I asked him he said he loved it here but he just wants to make sure," said Godin.

As for Grant, Godin had a little help figuring out how much the big tight end was enjoying himself.

"Sam, you could just tell he loved it plus he was with his teammate (Kyle Kalis)," said Godin.

With just a few spots left in the 2012 class, Godin delivers his own percentages in regards to how he see's things shaking out with the two weekend visitors.

"70 percent (chance he commits) for Alex and 90 percent (chance he commits) for Sam," Godin said convincingly.

However the 2012 recruiting class shakes out, Godin believes Michigan is headed for great things, thanks in large part to a brand new mentality.

"Coach Hoke brought a whole different attitude to the players," said Godin. "It wasn't that hard to put it into their head but you could tell that the way they play is more physical and they know what they need to do. It's a huge difference."

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