Reeves Weighing Options (Part 1)

With the uncertainty surrounding the Penn State football program, West Roxbury (MA) West Memorial CB, Armani Reeves has begun looking at possible alternatives. One such alternative is the University of Michigan. GoBlueWolverine caught up with's #9 CB and got the latest on the status of his commitment, his interest in Michigan, the Wolverines' recent in-home visit, and more.

Sam Webb: I just want to start off first just reflecting upon your senior season. How did it go for you on the football field?

Armani Reeves: “It was pretty good. I ended up playing more running back than wide receiver, which I usually play because both our running backs got hurt, so I ran for 1,000 yards, instead of catching 1,000 yards receiving. I had a pretty good year. I didn’t win a championship, which was my main goal, but individually, I had a pretty good year and I was pretty happy with the success I had.”

Sam Webb:  It was clear to me that the turning point in the perception of Armani Reeves nationally changed when you went out to “The Opening” out in Oregon. Did you feel that way? Did you feel like that was the launching pad for you as a national prospect?

Armani Reeves: “My goal went I went down there was more so to show that where I’m from, Massachusetts, that we can play with all those guys down there and I just wanted to prove that and what better place to prove that than down there with all those great players. I felt like I did really well down there, shut down a couple of the top receivers down there, so I felt like it helped me a lot nationally and also helped our area to show that we can play football with the best of ‘em.”

Sam Webb: What is your current height, weight and forty time?

Armani Reeves: “I’m 5’11, 195 and I run a 4.34.”

Sam Webb: I know it’s obviously a difficult decision any time you decide to open your recruitment back up somewhat. What sort of lead Michigan back to being back on your list when you decided to look around again.

Armani Reeves: “Well I’m still committed to Penn State because I love the school. It’s a travesty what happened there and my prayers go out to the victims.  As far as opening (my recruitment) back up, Michigan was one of my favorite schools before I committed to Penn State. I definitely wanted to reach out to them as an option in case things didn’t go the way I wanted to at Penn State.  Michigan was one of the schools I feel like I could help and help in an early way. I feel like if I went there, I could help them get to that goal of winning the championship.”

Sam Webb: So Michigan DB coach Curt Mallory came in your home Sunday night.  What did you take away from that?

Armani Reeves: “It really showed me that they were serious about me and they want me. They’re very respectful of everything that’s going on as far as Penn State and I really appreciate that, but they really wanted to just express how much they want me and how important I am to them.  They did that by coming out there and talking to me and talking to my family and my Godfather’s.”

Sam Webb: What’s the vibe like with Coach Mallory?

Armani Reeves: “I love the personality of the Michigan coaches and my recruiting coach (i.e.Mallory) is really funny. We have good talks.  He‘s a good guy I can see myself getting along with him. He’s just a great guy and a great coach.  Any guy would be lucky enough to play for him.

Sam Webb: Have any other schools been in recently?

Armani Reeves:Well, Ohio State came in a couple weeks ago and Notre Dame called me (Monday) to ask where I am. That was also one of my top three schools, so they really wanted to know where I am as far as recruiting and they want me to take a visit.”

Sam Webb:
Assuming for the sake of argument that you do take those visits, what are going to be the things that you’re looking for? Also, what are you going to major in?

Armani Reeves: “Computer science, computer graphics… kind of a mixture between those, but mostly computer science. I’m really savvy with the computer I guess, so I really really want to do that.  Michigan has a really good computer program, so that’s also a plus to.  The academics are very important to me, so I’m going to be looking at that.  Also my relationship with the coaches and just how I fit and where I fit in their program and the direction they want me and have for me and planned it out for me going forward.”

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for much more in the coming hours. In the meantime, check out his senior highlights below.

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