Brundidge Making Progress

Michigan freshman guard Carlton Brundidge has seen an increase in minutes over the past couple weeks. Brundidge and Coach Beilein discuss the spike in playing time.

When freshmen guard Carlton Brundidge stepped foot on campus in Ann Arbor, many believed the former Southfield high school star would immediately capture a role for the Wolverines. Although it's taken a little longer than originally imagined, Brundidge appears to be catching up.

"Oh yes I am, I'm really adjusting well," said Brundidge. "First it took me a little time just to get things and slow down everything but now I'm kind of adjusting and things are kind of getting kind of slow now."

With the emergence of fellow freshmen guard Trey Burke, Brundidge's role has been limited thus far. But the Michigan coaching staff is so determined to find minutes for Carlton, they've tried him out at multiple positions.

"He's making great progress," John Beilein said of Brundidge. "We're sort of looking at our team as we came in and what's happened is there's a domino effect. Evan's emergence has allowed us to play Zach Novak less over there at that position. Jon's injury means Evan is going to have to play some five man. So Trey you can see in some games, we had Evan at a five, Zach at a four and all of the sudden we're looking at Trey Burke and he's beat at the end of the game. So we said if Stu is in the game or even just as a quickness area for our whole team, how can we get more quickness on the floor? We've been working him as a two, as a combo guard, but with Zack and Stu there's not a lot of minutes there. As a result where's the best way we can get him some time and build his time up and I think he's responding well to it."

Brundidge's quickness came in handy Saturday against Alabama A&M's pressure defense allowing the Wolverines to find a few minutes of rest for Cousy award nominee Trey Burke.

"A&M came out and got after our guards and it was perfect because we've been working with Carlton Brundidge along the way just to be ready to handle this, and there it was," said Beilein on Saturday's game. "He had to bring the ball up against full court pressure, give Trey a rest."

Although Brundidge ran the show during stretches Saturday, Burke played alongside Brundidge as well which is something the former foes found pretty special.

"It was special actually because we're always playing against each other in AAU, we always played against each other and now we're playing on the same team, it's just a special moment," said Brundidge.

With his first semester of college over Brundidge is very happy with his decision to become a Michigan basketball player.

"It's fun, real fun," said Brundidge. "The coaches always bring me up, the players always tap me and tell me good job when I do a good job or when I'm feeling bad they tell me ‘Hey Carlton keep up the good work, keep your head up."

Carlton and the Wolverines are back in action tonight at 6:30pm as they play host to Bradley at Crisler Arena (TV: BTN).

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