Beilein Presser: Horford has Stress Fracture

Coach Beilein announced at today's presser that Jon Horford is out for the B1G opener versus PSU game tomorrow ... and quite possibly beyond.

Beilein announces that Jon Horford is out for PSU tomorrow ... and quite possibly beyond.

"He will not play, he has not practiced all week, and I don't know what the plan is for next week. He had an MRI right before the Bradley game, and there is a stress fracture."

"If we feel the rest of his season's in jeopardy, then it doesn't make sense to play him. Unless there comes a time in February where he says he's 100 percent healthy and he wants to play and we feel we need him to play, which is pretty obvious (we do), then he can continue on with his season."

As far as how this affects the rotation:

"It'll shorten it quite a bit. We're trying to get Blake (McLimans) more minutes, and it puts Evan (Smotrycz) in more of a five-man position. And hopefully with the emergence of Carlton Brundidge right now, hopefully we can play he and Trey (Burke) at the same time so we don't do too much with Stu (Douglass) and Zack (Novak).

As far as possibly playing frosh PF Max Beilein, who'd been expected to redshirt.

"That as brought up at the table today. But we have to see how the rest of us (the team) react, now that we're pretty sure it'll be a week or two that Jon's not going to be around, at least."

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