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Denard Robinson answers questions about the Virginia Tech D, about Fitz Toussaint... and he answers alot of questions about Michael Vick.

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On watching Michael Vick growing up
"That was one of the guys I used to watch all the time. When he played for Atlanta Falcons, that's when I watched him most. He is so exciting and can throw the ball well."

On considering Virginia Tech when deciding on a school
"They never offered me. I never got an offer from Virginia Tech, so I can't say that I did."

On his sense of Virginia Tech's defensive game plan
"They are going to try to get after me a lot. They have great athletes and can play in space. We just have to be prepared for whatever they throw at us."

On being similar to Michael Vick
"Yes; he is a great runner and a great passer. Those are the things that I strive to be, just like him."

On what part of Michael Vick's game jumps out at him
"The game comes easy for him. He is relaxed in the pocket and can make guys miss, no problem."

On if he watched Michael Vick in the National Championship in the Superdome
"I don't remember him playing in the Superdome, but I do remember him playing in Georgia…in Atlanta. That was the biggest time that I have watched him. I was just like, "Man, I want to be like this guy some day."

On what grade he is looking for from the draft committee
"That is something that I am not even focused on. I am focused on the bowl game, being here with my teammates and having fun."

On the uniqueness of Virginia Tech's defense
"It is a challenge. They have some unique defenses and great athletes. It's going to be a challenge throughout the whole game. We just have to be prepared for it. We have to do what we have to do to be prepared on the third."

On Virginia Tech's history of sending defensive backs to the NFL
"They have some great players on their team. They have great players at cornerback, safety, linebackers, and defensive linemen. We just have to be prepared to play against them. We have to play our best, play focused and no turnovers."

On the emergence of RB Fitzgerald Toussaint
"Fitz carrying the ball and taking the load off does a lot. I am not taking as many carries as I am used to doing and I am enjoying it. I love see other guys shine and do their thing. I love seeing Fitz run down the field and score touchdowns. I love seeing "Big-Play" [Junior] Hemingway catch the ball. I enjoy seeing people do things."

On the stage
"We actually didn't get in to the Superdome yet. I am ready to go see it and it's going to be a great day."

On the adjustment of having a new coach and offense
"It was a process all season just understanding the offense, being around different coaches and seeing personnel. We all clicked, got on the same page and kept going from there. We kept learning. It's a learning process."

On the toughest part of adjusting to the new staff
"Now, that's one thing about me, I am going to buy into it. It's a great system, so I bought into it without question. No problems."

On the differences in offensive game plans
"It's different because you have to take different drops in the gun. In the gun, you take a three-step instead of a five-step from under center. There are some different things."

On his favorite moment this season
"There are a lot of moments, so I can't name one. I would look back on it and I loved it."

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