Full Transcript: Toussaint, Hemingway

Toussaint talks about taking the pressure off Denard and about the health of his shoulder. Junior talks about the nickname Denard gave him, and about the deep threat he provides.

RB Fitzgerald Toussaint

On New Orleans and last name references
"No, I'm not from here.  My father is from Haiti, not from New Orleans. But I am looking to get well acquainted with [New Orleans] before we leave.  Hopefully I will have some time to explore.  It is a place that I have always wanted to come."  

On not being to play against Notre Dame
"There was an injury involved; shoulder injury to be exact.  No setbacks, I'm at 100 percent."  

On grasping the offense in spring football
"It was just the process of me taking my time and adjusting to learn the system.  We have a lot of great leaders, a lot of good technicians that give everyone a lot of feedback, which is why we had a lot of success this year."  

On Coach Borges' comment on helping keep Denard Robinson healthy
"I just stay focused and do whatever it is that I have to do to help our team get better and to help us win.  We have put an emphasis on working hard and finishing strong all season and take every game one play at a time."  

On Virginia Tech's defense
"They are very athletic at every position and play every play with maximum effort."  

On overcoming adversity this season to be in the Sugar Bowl
"I think this is a big step for all of us; 11-2 sounds really good to end this season.  I feel we have worked hard and overcame some challenges to be here and this is a big opportunity.  This is a big step for all of us."  

On running behind Michigan's offensive line
"The guys that all of us run behind take care of us and we take care of them; we have great chemistry with one another, which is another reason why we have had success this season."


  Michigan WR Junior Hemingway

On his nickname: "Big Play Hemingway"
"I didn't even know about the nickname until Denard [Robinson] said it one day. Pretty sweet."

On Virginia Tech's cornerbacks
"It's going to be a challenge for us to go out there and give them our best game…[to] go out there with our "A" game. They're athletic; they're great corners; they're going to make plays and we're just going to have to bring our "A" game."

On Virginia Tech's defense
"It will be an opportunity and a challenge to see some different things.  It will be a challenge to us to go out there and be able to make plays, when it is our opportunity to make plays, and try to exploit some of those things they are throwing at us."

On playing final game in the Sugar Bowl
"With it being my fifth year and to be able to go out like this, it's a great feeling."

On being a threat to help Denard Robinson/offense be successful
"What's going to help Denard is us going out there and making plays, making guys miss and catching every deep ball Denard throws to us. That's going to help him and Fitz run the ball. That takes a lot of pressure off of them. We just gotta go out there and play our "A" game and do what receivers do."

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