U-M Announces Denard, JT Floyd, back for 2012

The official umichiganfootball twitter account makes the announcement, and Denard and J.T. each chime in.

umichiganfootball twitter account:

"JR football players Denard Robinson & J.T. Floyd announce they will return to U-M for their senior seasons."

Denard Robinson:

"It's been a dream to play in the NFL, & hopefully after next year that becomes a reality...but I wouldn't pass up being here w/ my teammates & coaches for anything. It's my second family. I love my teammates, I love Michigan."

"Seeing how the seniors led our team this year, I want to be that type of leader for Team 133."

"We made steps and had a good season, but we didn't accomplish our No. 1 goal. We're still hungry."

JT Floyd:

"Being around all of the great people here, I just couldn't see myself not being here for my senior year."

"Our team still has work to do and places to go, and I want to be a part of it."

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