Isaac Forges Deeper Connection with Michigan

Joliet (IL) RB Ty Isaac took his third visit to Michigan Saturday, and while there got his most in-depth look at the Maize & Blue yet. The c/o 2013 standout chatted with GoBlueWolverine about his interaction with the coaches, where Michigan currently sits on his list, his decision timetable, and more.

Sam Webb: So tell me what was unique and different about this time on campus?

Ty Isaac: “Well the barbecue was more or less they knew me, but I wasn’t a priority at that point. But now I’ve gotten a lot more familiar with all the coaches up there, and I got to sit  down and just basically talk about me and what would happen if I was in the program.”

Sam Webb: There’s always something unique on visits that really sticks with you. What’s really going stick with you from this time at Michigan?

Ty Isaac: “I feel like there are just legitimately sincere people at Michigan and I feel like it’s family up there.”

Sam Webb: So what did your dad think of everything?

Ty Isaac: “He knows how much I like it (at Michigan). I think he’s comfortable with the people they have up there, for sure. If that ended up being somewhere that I decided to go, that would be a choice that he’d be all for.  He even told them yesterday that when he was in his own recruiting process it really didn’t go the way he wanted it to.  He just wanted to make sure that these were the type of people that he would be comfortable with me and him having to deal with throughout a career.”

Sam Webb: I can’t recall… was this the first time he made it up to Michigan with you?

Ty Isaac: “He went up to the barbecue, but like I said, that was more for the guys that had committed and stuff like that.  He said even then he could tell that Hoke was a pretty good guy, along with the other coaches.  But this was the first time he got to sit down and see what was what.”

Sam Webb: You were obviously able to spend time with your Michigan recruiter, Jeff Hecklinski again.  What’s the vibe like with Coach Heck?

Ty Isaac: “Man, that’s my guy! We talk on a very regular basis, you know, Facebook, and I’ll call him.  We have a good player-recruiting coach relationship, and that’s along with the rest of the coaches too.”

Sam Webb: Speaking of the other coaches, this time around did you get a chance to spend more time with your would-be position coach, Fred Jackson?

Ty Isaac: “Yeah, the first person I talked to when I got there. He’s a straight shooter- he's a funny guy.  When it comes down to it, he knows what he’s talking about.  A lot of the things he says as far as what could happen in the future, make sense.  It’s a lot to consider because at the end of the day all the other coaches can be great, but the position coach is who you’re going to be with the majority of that time.  The strength & conditioning coach and your position coach.”

Sam Webb: Did Coach Jackson talk to you about what he thought of your game and how he saw you fitting -- in maybe even early in your career?

Ty Isaac: “Yeah.  He just told me he’s watched my film however many times and he feels like he knows what I do.  He laid it out and let me know that ‘hey, if you come here I have a plan for you.’  That’s unique.  A lot of coaches haven’t said that. He came out and said ‘if you come here, I know what I’m going to do with you -- this is the plan.’”

Sam Webb: What about Coach Borges? Now what was that interaction like and how much time did you spend with him?

Ty Isaac: “Probably a good 30-40 minutes.  Basically they’re in the spread now, but obviously you have to be.  You’ve got Denard Robinson -- you have to use him! (Laughter).  But we were just talking about the transition to pro-style and the types of kids that they’re starting to recruit now and where I would be, which was a good conversation.”

Sam Webb: What about Coach Hoke? Did you get a chance spend much time with him?

Ty Isaac: “Yeah we talked for probably a good 10-15 minutes -- and man, he just seems like an average guy, you know what I’m saying? Somebody you could meet out and you would never know that he’s the head coach of such a big football program.  He’s just a genuine person, but I think that’s all of (the Michigan coaches) though.”

Sam Webb: Did you get a chance to spend time with any of the players there?  And then, I know Shane Morris and Dymonte Thomas came up.  What did you think of those guys?

Ty Isaac: “A few players came when I was with Coach Borges.  I said what’s up to a couple linemen. I know Denard came through.  Those were all cool guys.  And like you said obviously Shane and Dymonte were up there. Both of them seem like good people. Obviously they didn’t have to waste a Saturday just to come up and see what I was thinking.  Obviously, you’re going to recruit for your school, but more or less they were cool about it. They know what the process is.  Basically just trying to get a feel for where I was at in the process.”

Sam Webb: Is the tweeting back and forth with Shane and Dymonte something new, or have you guys been doing it for a while?

Ty Isaac: “Shane hit me on Facebook a little bit ago saying, ‘hey I know you’re getting recruited -- if ever you’re gonna be up there, just let me know, I’ll come up.’ He’s a good dude, and same with Dymonte. Obviously, I don’t know them too well, but from what I see they’re pretty legit. “

Sam Webb: Lets get back to the conversation you had about the offense.  Michigan is transitioning to a pro-style.  Is that something that you really have a preference about? Do you prefer a spread over a pro? Do favor a pro over a spread?

Ty Isaac: Personally I want to play in a pro, not a spread. Obviously they’re going to have spread plays no matter what, but as far as a majority of what I’m going to be doing, I want to be in the ‘I’, being able to get downhill."

Sam Webb: With your third visit to Michigan now behind you, what’s next for you? I know you were talking about getting close to maybe narrowing some things down. What’s left before you do that?

Ty Isaac: “Obviously this is a contact period. I’ve talked with the coach that deals with recruiting at my school, and they said it’s going to get pretty hectic. A lot of schools are going to come (to visit), so basically I’m just going to see who comes through and if there ends up being (another) place of interest for me.”

Sam Webb: And then at that point, you’re going to narrow your list down to how many schools?

Ty Isaac: “Could be five, could be four, could be three… but three is the minimum I would say for sure.”

Sam Webb: Do you think Michigan is going to make that cut?

Ty Isaac: “Yeah, for sure.  Whatever (the length of the list of finalists)  is going to be, (Michigan) will be in there.”

Sam Webb: Do you have a target time frame for when you  want to have a decision made?

Ty Isaac: As far as a time table, I know I had been saying spring or summer, but I really don’t know what’s going to happen now.  It could be a lot later, or a lot sooner -- I have no idea. At this point, it’s open. So whenever I feel like it’s time. “

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