Ra'Sean Dickey Update

After playing phone tag with Marlboro County High (SC) Coach Ken Spencer the past couple of weeks, GBW finally got a chance to talk with him yesterday about his star player, Ra'Sean Dickey. At the recent Memorial Day Classic in Bloomington Ra'Sean gave a list of schools that didn't include Michigan. Do the Wolverines have a shot?

Ra'Sean Dickey is a physical scoring threat in the lane that some have likened to Elton Brand. I saw the 4 star prospect in limited action at the Nike MDC, but after hearing that he was listing Maryland, Florida and Kentucky as his favorites and that he was citing a desire to play in the ACC or SEC, I decided to focus my attention elsewhere. However, afterwards it came to my attention that Dickey was still a serious Wolverine target and that he has continued to express interest. Coach Spencer sets the record straight on where Michigan stands in his young pupil's recruitment.

I've seen Ra'Sean listed anywhere between 6'8 and 6'10. Can you give me his actual height and weight?

"He's probably 6'8.5" and weighs about 245 pounds."

Describe what type of game he has for those who haven't seen him.

"He's getting better every year. He's definitely a true power forward. He is great with his back to the basket and really excels scoring down in the box. He can really get points whenever he's ready to down there. He's already pretty polished offensively, but now he's really starting to develop a face up game and is pretty good at hitting the 15-foot jumper."

What part of his game do you think he needs to improve upon the most?

"He probably needs to improve his defensive footwork the most. He's needs to get better at guarding people that might be a little quicker than him. He's so good right now on the offensive end that I think he can really score whenever he wants to."

What were his stats like last year?

"He averaged 18 points, 15 rebounds and 5 blocks per game. We won our conference but we lost in the state playoffs early this year. We made it all of the way to the semifinals when he was a sophomore and we won the state championship his freshman year. "

I've heard that Michigan has been in contact with him recently. Is UM a school that he's seriously considering?

"Ra'Sean really liked Coach Amaker. Coach came actually came down here during the April open period. I talk to Coach Swenson every week, sometimes a couple of times a week! They are really recruiting him hard and he's liked Michigan for a long time. Chris Webber has always been one of his favorite players. He actually switched his jersey number this year to #4. We're really looking to get up to Michigan for one of his official visits."

Have they offered him a scholarship?

"Well, they say they have one scholarship left and that they would use it on Ra'Sean if he wanted to come, so I take that as an offer. They've never come right out and said, "we're offering you a scholarship." They only have one scholarship left for the 2004 class and I think they just want to be sure that they are going to have a shot at him. I think that they do. I think once they feel confident about that, they'll make the definite commitment to offering a scholarship. But, I think if he said he wanted to commit to them today that they would take him on the spot."

Do you know if he has a favorite or a top 5 at this point?

"Everybody else seems to think they know what it is. I've seen guys write all kinds of things without having a clue what they're talking about. We haven't gotten together yet for him to name an actual top 5 schools. I told him that we were definitely going to have to do that once he finished up this summer. He's going out to Colorado Springs for the Youth Basketball Festival. And he'll also be attending the Nike Camp."

I saw Ra'Sean at the Nike Memorial Day Classic a few weeks ago. He had a bit of a rough time in a few of the games and showed some frustration on the court.

"I actually just talked to Coach Raveling about that on the phone yesterday and he told me that he thought Ra'Sean played well at times even though the team didn't do well. If he became frustrated it was because his team wasn't performing the way he would have liked."

Knowing the Ra'Sean as you do, what do you think the most significant factors in his decision will be?

"I think a lot will depend on which staff establishes the best relationship with him and can communicate with him. He wants a relationship where he feels comfortable talking to them and feels comfortable being around them. That will be really important. He's getting recruited by pretty much everybody right now, some real serious and some not. I think some are just trying to figure out which way he's leaning, and that's part of the business."

"Another is I think he wants to be able to see an opportunity to step in and play early on. All he wants is the opportunity,… not necessarily a guarantee because I teach him that he has to earn everything he gets. "

"He's also taking a look at who is going to be able to help him develop so he can make it to the next level because that's important to all of these kids."

Speaking of the next level, I talked to a few people at the tournament and mentioned that he had been talking about jumping straight to the NBA or being a one and done player. Are those serious possibilities for him?

"I don't think that's going to be the case. I think his education is going to be too important to him. His mom is going to make sure of that. I don't think that he personally is thinking along those lines. I think sometimes he gets led into things like that. Just like any other person, if that decision has to be made and it's something that he can't turn down then maybe he'll do it. But I don't think he's banking on that right now."

I'd like to thank Coach Spencer for his time. GBW will have more from Ra'Sean himself soon.

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