The Offer Thing

It is time to revisit "The Offer Thing." First, we reiterate that we intend to cover ONLY U-M recruits, not "any interesting new kid" ( ... it just makes it hard to see clearly through the smoke ...) And we intend to mainly cover those kids with actual U-M offers. And we intend, if possible, to tell you whether a kid has an offer or not, basically by asking/quoting the kid accurately about it.

I. A kid has an offer if (this isn't 'definitive' or 'official', but meant to be a guideline). - He has met with Coach Carr during a visit and gotten an offer in person. - He has called Coach Carr and gotten an offer - He has gotten an offer in writing (this is less common than the other two above for U-M, but does happen).

II. A kid is 'on the way' to an offer if. He is verbally offered by an assistant coach 'with follow-up': - He is told by the assistant to call Coach Carr but hasn't yet. - He is told by the assistant he'll definitely get the offer reinforced by Coach Carr at camp. - He is told by the assistant that a written confirmation is coming.

III. A kid does not have an offer if. - He is told by an assistant that he is wanted, but no followup is planned. (To reiterate, this isn't 'definitive' or 'official', but meant to be a guideline)

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