Culver City, Calif., WR Jaison Williams

Monday evening I spoke with Culver City, Calif., WR <b>Jaison Williams</b>. We discussed the recruiting process for him and his plans for the future. Do they include a stop in Ann Arbor?

Williams (6'4", 212, 4.49, 260 MAX BP, 2.6, June 7 SAT) said this about the attention he is recieving during his recruiting, "It's non-stop, one recruiting service after another, there's never a break, but I like it."

What schools have contacted you?

"Most of the Pac 10 schools, plus West Virginia, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Michigan."

Which schools have offered?

"Michigan and Washington. Coach (Ron) English called me and gave me an offer. We were supposed to talk to Coach (Lloyd) Carr but he was out of town. I was finally able to talk to him though and he gave me the offer."

What are the coaches telling you about their plans if you attend Michigan?

"They're recruiting me as a wide receiver. Coach English says I fit the Braylon Edwards type of player, I'm big and speedy, and powerful."

What do you like about Michigan?

"It's a good program and I hear it's beautiful with all the lakes and stuff. I'm told it's quiet too, I like that because I am a quiet person."

What are your top five schools now?

"I like Michigan, Florida, ND, Texas, and Washington."

Do you have a favorite?

"Michigan and Washington are probably my top two right now. I want to go to a place that can nurture my talent. I know Michigan runs the ball a lot, but they also pass, and I think I'm good enough to come in and play well. I've heard about the 'Big House' and it sounds like it would be really exciting to play there."

Have you set up any visits?

"I talked with the U-M coaches about coming back there for the Notre Dame game in October, but nothing has been decided yet. I'll also probably visit Washington."

Are you going to any summer camps?

"I'll probably camp at Washington."

When do you think you'll make a decision?

"I'll probably wait until the last week of January. I want to look at the bigger schools then sit down and discuss my options with my brother-in-law and my coach. They are both really knowledgable about the recruiting process and can help me decide."

Have you ever been in snow?

"No, but that's no big deal. I've heard it snows in Michigan but I'm the kind of guy that loves a challenge and I adapt well. I'm actually looking to leave California, or at least head up North." To the Bay Area? "Yeah."

Williams let me know that Culver City is right in the middle of Spring Practice. I hope to be able to attend one of his practices and get a chance to talk more with him and his coach, John Salter.

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