Podcast: Meet Zach Gentry

Michigan's second quarterback commitment, Albuquerque (N.M.) Eldorado standout Zach Gentry joined Sam Webb to reflect upon his decision to become a Wolverine, discuss why he flew beneath the radar, how he'll factor into next year's QB race, and much much more.

Gentry is an intriguing quarterback with NFL size but surprising mobility for a big man. He has a downfield arm and can make every throw but also shows the ability, when flushed out of the pocket, to run for positive yards. He looks to have a good feel in the pocket and doesn't panic when the rush comes at him. He can keep his eyes down the field and throws an accurate ball whether in or outside of the pocket. - Greg Biggins



"Zach is a special kid. Everyone who comes through is amazed at not only his ability with his arm, but with him being (so tall), how well he moves. I think that's what's so surprising with those coaches that come through is how much balance he has with his body. Sometimes you have 6-6 or 6-7 guys who can't make the throws."

"The thing that sticks out about Zach is that he is probably going to be a better college player than he is in high school. Being (so tall) he was a little bit of a late developer. His motor skills had to catch up with his body because he grew so fast. He's 230 pounds right now. He'll be 240 next year. He's an athlete... a very good basketball player. I don't think he's reached as far as where he's going to get as far as his arm strength." - Eldorado Coach Charlie Dotson

To hear the one-on-one interview with Gentry, press play below.

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