Jeremy Ciulla Update

I spoke today with Kennesaw Mountain High School coach, Scott Jones, about his super offensive lineman Jeremy Ciulla. Michigan figures very prominently in this young man's recruitment.<br><br> Click for more.

Jeremy Ciulla is one of the top linemen in the Nation, but he has been hovering under the GBW recruiting radar. Thankfully, the Michigan coaching staff has been heavily pursuing this young man, and the Wolverines are one of his favorites! The Stanford insiders site,, reported that Jeremy recently visited Ann Arbor and was very impressed. He wasn't available to comment for this update because he is now on an unofficial visit to Stanford. We thank Coach Jones filling us in on where things stand in Jeremy's absence.

Can you list Jeremy's measureables for me?

He's 6'5.5", 279 pounds, and he runs a legit 5.0 forty. He benches 325, power cleans 290 and squats 490.

Which tackle spot does he play for you?

He plays the left tackle. Jeremy is as good as they come in both run and pass blocking. He has great feet.

What spot do you project him to in college?

I think he'll be an offensive tackle. He won't have any problem playing the left side, but he could play guard too. That's why about 40 schools have offered him so far. He's so quick with his feet! He as fast as outside linebackers in the first five yards. The guy can really move! He's probably going to be a 6'6"-6'7", 310 pound kid…so I'd venture to say that he's probably going to be a tackle.

He recently narrowed his list to Stanford, Michigan, Georgia and Notre Dame. Does he have offers from all of those schools?


What coach from Michigan has been in contact with him?

The wide receiver coach is the one that came down here. Jeremy also spoke to the head football coach and another guy. Michigan offered him a few weeks ago.

Did he talk to you about his recent visit to Ann Arbor?

No he hasn't because he's out at Stanford now. He jumped off of one plane and got right on another.

Who would you say is recruiting him the hardest at this point?

Everyone is recruiting him hard, but the four schools that he narrowed his list down to are the ones he's really serious about now. He really likes Michigan because of the medical school. He likes ND and Stanford because of the academics also. He likes the University of Georgia because that's where he's from. You have a kid here who not only has a lot of skill, size, and strength…but he's pretty smart too. He has a 3.6 GPA and has already made 1100 on the SAT.

He's looking at college from many different angles. I know that he was excited about going out to Michigan before he left. He and his family had done a lot research on Michigan and how he would fit in there. I believe Michigan is right up there near the top.

What do you think his final decision will be based upon?

Probably the relationship he thinks he'll have with the head football coach. He'll also be paying close attention to what the University has to offer him academically.

I've told him make sure that whatever school he chooses is the right fit for him. One of the ways to determine that is to meet the players and the coaches. Get to know the head coach to get a feel for the team dynamics.

He's been offered by everybody. Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan State, LSU, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina…and the list goes on. Like I said, he has 40 offers so he can go anywhere he wants. That gives him the opportunity to really pick out what he wants in a school.

Do you think he'll be making an early decision, or will he be waiting until close to signing day?

He will commit to a school before July 21st. He's getting his visits out of the way now and won't be camping anywhere this summer.

We'll have more on this young man soon.

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