A Change Atop Tuley-Tillman's Leaderboard?

Peoria (IL) Manual OT Logan Tuley-Tillman was back on Michigan's campus again this weekend visiting the program that has been in the pole position for his services for the better part of the last few months. But now that he has visited a few other schools, are the Wolverines still on top for his services?

Logan Tuley-Tillman has become something of a regular in Ann Arbor in recent weeks.  Over the last two-and-a-half months the rising junior lineman has been to Michigan’s campus for two football games and a basketball game.  Saturday he added a Michigan hockey contest to his Maize & Blue ledger.  As was the case with all of his prior visits, he left town having been blown away by the experience.

“(The hockey game) was crackin’,” said an excited Tuley-Tillman.  “I really liked the whole atmosphere up there.  It’s real nice.  I heard a couple of (the chants).  The fans are real crazy (laughing).  They get it poppin' in there!”

“Plus I was walking around and the people all know me.  A lot of the fans just come up to me, greet me, and talk to me.  I really like the fans that work hard all week, and then Fridays they spend their money to take their families out to a Michigan game.  That means a lot.  Those are the ones that really come to support you, and those are the ones I really love talking to.”

Tuley-Tillman found himself just as taken with a group Michigan coaches that once again demonstrated what a priority he is.  The entire Wolverine staff had traveled down to Columbus, Ohio for the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association coaches clinic late last week, but a few made it back early to spend time with the Peoria Manual star.  Later when more staff members arrived, he not only received some extended face-time them, he also had a chance to chat with one of the current players.

“Coach Roy Manning was with me the whole time, so he was there all day,” Tuley-Tillman stated.  “Coach Hoke stopped through and said what’s up. Coach Heck came back and Coach Funk did too.  It was actually (Funk’s) birthday.  We sat down and watched some film, and I also talked with Taylor Lewan about why he went there.”

It was yet another positive Michigan experience, but not one that moved him closer to pulling the trigger on a decision.  After recently announcing his plan to move off of his March 20th decision deadline so he could more thoroughly research his newer suitors, talk of committing hasn’t been a prevalent topic.  Saturday at Michigan was no exception.

“They don’t really don’t even care (about the timeline adjustment),” Tuley-Tillman said.  “They’re just happy about everything.  They just see me as their little Logan.”

By prolonging his process, the door stays wide open for other suitors to improve their standing. That’s exactly what Iowa did when it extended a scholarship offer during his Sunday visit to Iowa City.

“They were showing me all of their offensive line tradition for o-line,” he recalled.  “I’ve actually got a coach up at Core6 that went there, Mike Jones.  Then my AAU coach is a real successful alum from there too.  I’ve seen their success outside of football and that made me want to get up there and at least see it.  They’ve got a real good track record for putting out offensive linemen.”

The Hawkeyes firmed up their place on a list of favorites that also includes Michigan, Alabama, Florida State, Arkansas, Ohio State and Notre Dame.  That said, two of those schools stand out above all the rest.  That was once a distinction that Michigan held alone, but a recent visit down south changed that.

“It’s like a tie for #1 between Michigan and Alabama,” said Tuley-Tillman. “It was good down there too.  It’s a good college town.  You can tell why they’re successful.  They’re strength coach is really one of the best.  (Nick Saban) called me into his office and he pressed a little button to shut the door.  I actually was in there for a couple of minutes when (an Alabama offer was extended) while me and my aunt were in there talking to him.  He’s a real good guy.  You can tell why he is successful.”

The Wolverines will get their chance to try to pull ahead again when 6-7, 280-pounder makes his way Ann Arbor this weekend for the fifth time… a trip on which he hopes his mother will accompany him.

“We’re still trying to figure it all out,” he said regarding his mother’s attendance.  “We don’t know yet.”

One thing he does know is which number he’ll be wearing in college.  A weekend tweet that read, “Just found out I will be keeping my #72 in college. Ballgame!!” caused some fans to speculate that he had reached a decision.  Not so according to Tuley-Tillman.

“At all my top schools, #72 is going to be open,” he said laughingly.

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