Huge OT McGlinchey excited by Michigan offer

2013 offers are being sent out at a rapid pace by the Michigan coaching staff and one of them recently went to Philadelphia (PA) William Penn offensive tackle, Mike McGlinchey. The 6-9, 280-pounder chatted with GoBlueWolverine about his interest in the Wolverines, his mentality on the field, when he plans on making a decision, and more.

At 6'9 and 280 pounds, William Penn Charter high school offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey is easy to notice on a football field, even on a highlight film. Colleges have taken notice and extended offers to the physically imposing junior.

"I'm up to 7 (offers) from Wisconsin, Michigan, Duke, Boston College, Virginia, Rutgers and Maryland," said McGlinchey.

Offers have been rolling in for the 2013 tackle thanks in large part to a junior campaign that reached several individual goals set by the young man himself.

"I did pretty well on getting myself prepared for the season in general," said McGlinchey. "I was in good shape coming in, bigger, stronger and faster so that always helps. I had a better mindset going into this season I think, I set goals for myself, high expectations and I think I fulfilled them for the most part and I hope that's why I've been getting the looks I've been getting."

McGlinchey believes he possesses attributes college coaches love to see out of an offensive linemen.

"I think I have pretty good feet, I'm pretty quick and I'm a good finisher," said McGlinchey. "I don't really like to lose too often so if I do the next play I'm going to try to make sure you're on the ground."

One of the recent offers received by McGlinchey is from Michigan, a school he is definitely aware of.

"Very exciting," said McGlinchey. "Obviously when a school like Michigan, which has a historic program, comes knocking on your door anyone will get excited over that."

Although McGlinchey hasn't been able to get in direct contact with the Michigan coaching staff, his high school coach did and gave him the exciting news.

McGlinchey's interest in college football has always been there but now he's watching Michigan, as well as other schools, for other reasons than just entertainment.

"I know a lot about them, I've been watching them on TV for forever now," said McGlinchey about Michigan. "Now I'm starting to watch more teams more closely because now I'm narrowing down what could be a potential spot for me. This past season Michigan did a great job, bounced back and got to a serious bowl game so I know a lot about them and I'm excited about the opportunity for them to recruit me."

No one in McGlinchey's family or extended family exposed him to Michigan football, he's simply watched over the years trying to pick up on skills he can integrate into his own game.

"I just like to watch good football teams and try to mimic my game a little bit off things I can learn from watching. And Michigan is obviously at the top of the list for anything you want to learn because of how they've always been and how they always will be," said McGlinchey.

As far as visits are concerned, McGlinchey has been to a few schools already and hopes to see more once basketball season wraps up.

"I've been to a couple schools: I've been to Boston College, I was at Maryland this past Saturday, Rutgers, and I've been to Tennessee as well," said McGlinchey. "I have not planned anything (else) yet, I'm still in the middle of basketball season so I don't have a lot of free time so when I do get that I'll be planning on visiting some schools."

Despite the fact that more offers will definitely be on the way for McGlinchey, he knows when he wants a decision to be made and why.

"I hope to be finished by the end of this (junior) school year," said McGlinchey. "I want to be done with it before senior season starts because that will make things a lot easier on me. I'm still going to see as many possibilities as I can."

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