Southern Ohio OL Gerald Cadogan

"We are not visiting this weekend but the next weekend, the weekend of the 22nd."

I called the home of offensive lineman Gerald Cadogan from the Ohio River city of Portsmith, Ohio.

Gerald was napping so his mother chatted with me until he rousted himself.

"We are visiting Michigan, but not this weekend -- the next weekend, the weekend of the 22nd. Gerald has Boy's State the 14th to the 22nd, and then we'll go right on up to Michigan from there."

Then Gerald got on the phone and added:

"I'm going up tto Michigan for an unofficial visit next weekend -- me and my mom and dad and little brother."

Has Michigan offered you a scholarship? Talk about Michigan's contact with you.

"Coach Herrmann came to my school last month. He got in contact with my coach and told him I had a full scholarship offer to Michigan. Then Coach Herrman called me the next day and told me. They want me to come up there to meet with Coach Carr."

Are you going to any summer camps?

"Well, I can't go to the Michigan Camp because of Boy's State. I'm going to the Ohio State camp the 26th."

How long is your offer list so far?

"Northwestern, Boston College, Wake Forrest, Kansas State, Louisville, and Miami of Ohio."

Who are your favorites?

"I have to say everything is pretty much in the air right now. It's too early for favorites."

I've seen you listed at 6-7 tall. Is that accurate? A year ago I saw you listed at 6-4, have you had a growth spurt?

"Nah, I haven't had a recent growth spurt. I'm actually 6-6, 310 lbs. My best 40 time is a 5.0, and I regularly run 5.1's. I have a 370 lb. bench press."

"As far as academics, I have a 3.8 GPA, and I'm ranked 4th in my class out of 121. I've got an 18 ACT right now, and I'll be retaking that."

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