UM Everything Dukes Expected & More

Michigan sat atop Columbus (OH) Marion-Franklin WR Jaron Dukes' leaderboard before he visited Ann Arbor for the first time today. Upon leaving it was abundantly clear that their standing is even stronger coming out of it.

Prior to making his way to Ann Arbor earlier today, Jaron Dukes had a vision that was Michigan. After arriving he found that his imagination didn’t quite live up to the real thing.

“It went great,” Dukes said excitedly.  “I saw everything… the facilities, academic programs… just everything!  It was everything I expected it to be plus more.  I thought the town was going to be very small, but it’s not that small.  I liked it… I liked it a lot!”

Flanked by his parents, Dukes also had ample opportunity to chat with the coaches during the day.  That allowed the two sides to improve upon an already strong rapport.

“The vibe with Coach Heck was really good,” he said regarding Michigan’s receivers coach.  “It was a very positive vibe. I could tell that he really cares about the players and not just about them being athletes.  He really cares.  He takes education very seriously.  I think that if you’re a student athlete that he is a great coach to go to.”

“Coach Montgomery is real cool,” added Dukes regarding his primary recruiter.  “He has fun, but he is also serious as the same time.  He is about business, but he knows how to have a good time and knows how to make you feel welcome.”

Speculation was rampant that this lifelong Michigan fan would pledge to the Maize & Blue while on campus today.  Despite being blown away by the experience and reiterating that Michigan’s status as his definitive leader, Dukes stopped short of offering his commitment.

“(The coaches) just wanted me to get a feel for the school, make sure it’s okay, make sure that I am happy, and that Michigan has what I’m looking for in a school,” he stated.  “I want to take my time and enjoy the colleges and make sure wherever I choose to go is the best place for me and that’s where God wants me to be.”

With his first visit to Michigan now behind him, the Buckeye State standout’s tentative plan calls for him to visit a few other campuses in the coming weeks and months.

Said Dukes, “Right now I think I might visit Cincinnati, West Virginia, and I might make it to Indiana.  I’m not sure, really. I have to consult with my family. (With each of his suitors) I’ll be looking at the relationship with the coaches, academics, and how can I benefit as a player and as a person.”

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