Shallman Reconnects with Michigan

Detroit Catholic Central standout Wyatt Shallman has been on the road in recent weeks checking out Ohio State and Michigan State. A half day at school Friday finally afforded him the opportunity to get back to Michigan's campus. The talented youngster chatted with GBW shortly after the trip to reflect upon his time in Ann Arbor, get the latest on his decision timeline, his favorite, and more.

Sam Webb: So what was the reason for the visit (Friday)?

Wyatt Shallman: “I just hadn’t been down to Michigan in a while, which is weird because I live so close.  We just wanted to go down and touch base with Coach Jackson and see what’s up, and have a real good talk.”

Sam Webb: Did they press you or talk to you about your timeline for when you might make a decision?

Wyatt Shallman: “The whole recruiting process could be called a pressure. It really is a pressure to be a kid, get offers, and make a decision at this young of an age to go somewhere and do something.  There wasn’t any abnormal pressure (during the visit).  There’s always going to be pressure, but there wasn’t any excessive pressure like, ‘hey you need to commit right now.’  I understand that if you really like a place, you might as well go there because you’ve got the offer.  I have some things to think over about it.  But there was no abnormal pressure like, ‘hey if you don’t commit right now, you’re not going to come here.’ There wasn’t anything like that.  It was really a nice talk, we got to go over some stuff, and it was good.”

Sam Webb: What offers do you have on the table right now?

Wyatt Shallman: “Michigan, Michigan State, Syracuse, Cincinnati, and Ohio State.”

Sam Webb: So what’s next?  Do you have any other visits that you know you’re going to take at this point?

Wyatt Shallman: “Not right now.  We went down to Ohio State a couple of weeks ago and I was at Michigan State last weekend.  We haven’t planned anything out really. Quite honestly I’ve just been working out with my team and kind of just focusing on next football season already.  We lost the state championship, and a week later we were already working out for the season this year.  You can’t ever take a day off.  There really hasn’t been enough time to sit down and schedule these things.  I’m sure there will be time in the future… but for right now if an opportunity arises, then we’ll go and take it and see if it works out.  But we don’t have anything set up to fly anywhere right now.  I’m pretty sure this spring that we’ll be out to a bunch of places.”

“Part of the recruiting process is going to places where you haven’t been offered.  It’s kind of like you owe it to a school to go and see them and see what they’re about because everyone deserves an equal opportunity to talk to you.  For sure the main people are the people that offered, but then you also have got to get after it and be a salesman with some places.”

Sam Webb: Do you have a general idea for when you’ll make your decision?

Wyatt Shallman: “I’ve always kind of said once it’s the right time… once I l know enough and once my family, friends, and I come to a joint agreement, then it’s that time.  I can’t really put a timetable on that.  If it’s tomorrow, it’s tomorrow.  If it’s a month, it’s a month… that sort of thing.  My family myself and my friends… we’ve got to put together the information and make a decision that’s smart.  We can’t just go committing somewhere because they have cool jerseys.  We’ve got to be smart about it.  Football is a short time in your life, but you have to live the rest of your life with the decision you make as a 16 year old, so you’ve really got to be smart and think it through.”

Sam Webb: Do you have a leader at this point?

Wyatt Shallman: “I really don’t have a favorite right now.  I’m really happy with everyone.  It’s a blessing to be even mentioned with these colleges.  I’m just enjoying it with my family and having fun with it.  There is really no favorite.  I love them all right now.”

Sam Webb: Health wise it was a tough year for you with the hamstring injury.  Are you 100% now? Close to it?

Wyatt Shallman: "I’m 100% and very I’m thankful for it.  Like you said, it was a tough season and a very trying time.  It very hard to want to be producing for your team, but you can’t.  I think that really helped me as a person.  Anyone that plays this sport is going to get injured and they’re going to have to go through it.  I’m glad I learned what it takes to come back from an injury and play.  I’m excited, I’m 100%, we’re running every day, I’m running well, and I feel good.  It’s a great feeling to be back running with the team.”

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