Mag Excerpt: Inside the Ty Isaac Recruitment

The March issue of GoBlueWolverine the Magazine looks back on the All Star game performances by UM recruis, we catch up with Charles Woodson, and profile the diehard UM fans on the TruTV show, Hardcore Pawn. In this mag excerpt, we highlight Sam Webb's chat with the father of bluechip recruit Ty Isaac regarding his son's development and recruitment.

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Sam Webb: It has become clear in my conversations with Ty over the past seven, eight months that your recruiting experience has really kind of helped shape how he’s approaching his.  What did you take away from the January visit you took with him to Ann Arbor?

Tyrone Isaac: “I thought it was very productive. One thing I can say about the Michigan coaching staff is I feel like they’re genuine. Like you said, my experience kind of shapes it a little bit, and what I thought was very interesting was that some of the Michigan coaching staff coached under some of the coaches that I had.  So I know that my concern (from my own college experience) was brought to the forefront right away.  They understood; and like I said, I truly had a feeling of genuineness out of them. And they understood my concern (about receiving a fair opportunity and player development).”

Sam Webb: What were some other things, aside from the genuineness, that kind of stuck out to you during your time on campus?

Tyrone Isaac: “One of the things that really stuck out was Coach Jackson. When we walked in there, he had a plan for him. No other place that we went had a plan. He had dates written down, and he had, ‘if you commit, you know, I want you to know all the plays before you ever get on campus’, you know? For me, you have to have a game plan. You know? Seriously, you have to have a game plan.”

Sam Webb: Let’s look at things more broadly. When you look at Ty’s recruitment from a parental perspective, what are you looking for from a school or from a coach? What are the ingredients? What are the things you want to see?

Tyrone Isaac:“Number one, that you do have a plan for him. Number two, that I can see where he’s going to have a fair opportunity to get in and do his thing. And number three, an offense that he will be productive in. An offense that he’ll be able to contribute to, you know? Like a spread offense… I don’t see how at the running back position, he’d be able to (be productive and contribute). You know what I’m saying? Where as a pro set I think will highlight what he has to offer.”

Sam Webb: So let’s fast forward now, obviously things have really really ramped up significantly. He’s getting offers left and right; All these accolades are coming. Do you advise him to sit and kind of wait for more offers to come through, or are you trying to have him sort of speed up the process a little bit as far as recruiting is concerned? Where are you with that?

Tyrone Isaac: “Sam, my biggest concern is he makes a wise decision. There’s nothing more upsetting than if he ends up somewhere and finds out he doesn’t like it. You ever had that feeling? It’s something you want, you want, you want, and then ‘aw man!’  So I told him  ‘I want you to make a wise decision, I don’t want you to make a quick decision.’ I don’t push him.  I don’t rush him. One thing wise that I think he kind of said was, ‘you know, I’d like to make a decision before the season’. Now as long as it’s a wise decision, I don;t have a problem with that. He just doesn’t want it hanging over his head for his senior season. I can understand that.”

Sam Webb: Regarding the visits, have there been some that distinguished themselves… like ‘hey, you know what, this kind of sticks out more at this school as opposed to other schools’? Or have they all been kind of similar?

Tyrone Isaac: “For the most part, they’re somewhat similar. I had one that was a little surprising.  Maybe it was a little early and they didn’t really feel the same way about Ty as I did. And I won’t name the place, but I was a little surprised, and I was a little….set back. You know, like ‘wow, I wonder why they even called us to come up here if that’s the way they feel.’ But after three games into his junior year, oh, they were beating his door down. I’m sorry, that first impression, you can’t take back that first impression. And the first impression they laid on me wasn’t all that impressive. Then it seemed like they jumped on the bandwagon.  The race is on now.  They just got on the block a little slow.“

Sam Webb: So now that you have visits your pocket, he talked about narrowing his list down.  Are you advising him on how far to cut it down and that kind of thing? Or how’s that going to work?

Tyrone Isaac: “Before it was your top five, and me and him were talking on the way home, and he was saying he’d like to get that number to about three. He also said that everybody’s done with their bowl games now and they’re going to start back recruiting.  He said he wanted to see if any new players showed up. So we’ll have to see.  He said that USC may be at the school this week. So we’ll just see how it goes.”

Sam Webb: Is distance from home going to be a factor for Ty?

Tyrone Isaac: “You know, I would love to have him close to where it really wouldn’t be a big issue getting there, but I told him, ‘don’t worry about me and mom.  Man, if we can’t get there  we’ll be on the tube watching.  So don’t let that be a factor in you choosing where you go. I want you to go somewhere where you’re going to be happy, not somewhere that’s close to home.’”

Sam Webb: So that leads me to this... the deliberation process. When Ty gets ready to sit down and make his decision, what will that process entail??

Tyrone Isaac: "For me, I foresee it as maybe with me, him, and his mom. Upon all of us coming to somewhat of an agreement, then a wise choice will be made.”

To view the rest of this feature, our sit down with Charles Woodson, our inside look at the Hardcore Pawn allegiance to Michigan, and much much more, be sure to check out the next issue of GoBlueWolverine The Magazine.

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