School's Out For Henne

Yesterday was the scheduled end-of-the-school-year press conference by top Pa. QB <B>Chad Henne</B>. Was there anything new for Michigan fans, or had Chad already filled us in?

Chad Henne's (6-3, 230 lbs., 4.6 in the 40, 3.4 GPA, from West Lawn, Pa., Wilson) scheduled end-of-the-school-year press conference was yesterday afternoon , Wed., June 11 (he gets out of school Friday, June 13). In late May Henne's Coach Jim Cantafio told, "He's going to announce his top five at that point in time," and that, "After that, there won't be any interviews given until August."

And so Henne did, have his presser that is. According to (For the whole article, clich here: Henne's Final Five), "Penn State [was] one of the schools that made Henne's Final Five list yesterday ... Miami, Georgia, Michigan and Tennessee also made the cut ..." and, "Henne said he expects to announce his choice shortly before the season begins." The other news of interest is that Chad announced that he turned down an invitation to attend Student Sports' Elite 11 Quarterback Camp the last week in July.

GWB readers will recall that I talked to Chad on May 27. He filled me in on all of this at that time, but I'd held back some statements pertiment to the press conference until afterward. So here in more detail is what Chad told me back on May 27.

Regarding his final five:

"Michigan, Penn State, Tennessee and Miami ... those four, and Georgia."

Regarding his decision date:

"I'm planning to decide shortly before my first game."

Regarding his summer visits:

"I'm planning visit to Michigan again, and that's probably it right now. We're going there the June 20th weekend."

Regarding the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp:

"We've talked to them and they've told us I'll be invited, but I don't know if I'm going to go ... I don't think so."

Note: there was a little bit of controversy over the PSU Nike Camp, when Student Sports named Anthony Morelli as the top quarterback. Both Morelli and Henne were outstanding at the camp, and Henne admittedly didn't have the best day (he told me May 11, "It was a different kind of ball than our team uses and I wasn't getting a good grip on it."), but even so this reporter (I was at the PSU Nike, as was Sam Webb) thought, and I was surprised at the time to feel this way, that Henne had the edge ...

There is one new development with Henne, however. After attending an upstate N.Y. football camp last weekend in which the Miami-Fla. quarterback coach was one of the camp coaches, the Henne's are planning to visit Miami during the week of the Elite 11. And he therefore may visit Tennessee and Georgia as well.

As far as who his 'leader' may be, Chad has been silent. There has been a lot of speculation in the state of Pa. that Michigan leads (perhaps based on Lloyd Carr speaking at a football banquet in nearby Manheim recently), but that is simply speculation. In this writer's opinion, Penn State is at least a co-favorite -- as is Miami.

One final thing. As far as the press now being cut off from Chad. I specifically asked Chad about this on May 27. His answer:

"That's my coach's plan. I don't mind talking to you."

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