Michigan Leaves Indelible Mark on Bauer

St. Louis (MO) DeSmet OT Andy Bauer may only be a sophomore, but he has already racked up more offers and taken more visits than many of the country's top junior line prospects. In the face of all of that recruiting experience, wowing him on a visit seemed like a tall order… but that's exactly what Michigan did last weekend.

Sam Webb: First let’s talk about the Michigan offer. Was it something you were expecting going into the visit last weekend?

Andy Bauer: “I knew they were interested in me, but I really didn’t know if they were going to offer me or not, so I mean, I was really happy and surprised.”

Sam Webb: Talk to me about how your season went on the football field last year.

Andy Bauer: “My team, we went 9-3. We had a good season. We didn’t really play up to our potential, I feel. I thought just some things didn’t go our way, and we didn’t really respond to adversity that well, I think.”

Sam Webb: Was your team fairly young this year?

Andy Bauer:Durron Neal was a senior, but our quarterback was a junior, and we only are only losing one offensive line starter. We’re not losing that many starters.”

Sam Webb: I gotcha; so you guys can grow from that experience then?

Andy Bauer: “Yes.”

Sam Webb: So what about you individually? How do you think you fared on the football field last year?

Andy Bauer: “I thought I did well.  I started as a freshman, and it was a lot of just having that experience under your belt going into your sophomore year.  I think I played well.  You can always improve on things, but I thought I did a good job of finishing blocks and moving my feet well, and playing nasty. “

Sam Webb: So what position – was there a primary position on the offensive line that you played, or did they move you around?

Andy Bauer: “I played right tackle pretty much the whole year. We were more of a run-heavy offense, and we ran a lot, so.”

Sam Webb: So what’s your height, your weight, and your 40 time?

Andy Bauer: “I’m 6’5”, 295 pounds, and I run a 5.2 40.”

Sam Webb: So do you come from a family of lineman or college football players, or are there any ties or links to college football?

Andy Bauer: “Yes, my uncle played for Drake, and then he floated around in the NFL for like two seasons, never played in the regular season… but was a big guy. My uncle played offensive tackle.  My dad was a tackle as well, but he had a career-ending injury in high school, so he couldn’t go on to play in college.”

Sam Webb: Kind of give me a scouting report. What do you see when you see Andy Bauer on the football field?

Andy Bauer: “A kid who plays to the whistle, finishes his blocks, plays with an attitude, has good technique, good football IQ.  Technique is a big one. I always try to do technique – good hand placement, good feet, good balance, explosiveness… hopefully all the things that you look for in an ideal lineman.”

Sam Webb: Have any other schools offered you scholarships?

Andy Bauer:Arkansas, Mizzou, Miami of Florida, and Boston College. “

Sam Webb: Things are obviously going really well for you early. I know that before you made it up to Michigan, you went up to Michigan State. Did the Spartans talk to you at all about an offer?

Andy Bauer: “We didn’t really talk about it that much; we more just kind of saw the campus and everything.”

Sam Webb: What was that visit like? What were your impressions of the Spartans?

Andy Bauer: “It was fun. I thought they had a nice campus and everything. It went well.”

Sam Webb: What coaches did you get a chance to talk to while you were there?

Andy Bauer: “Coach (Terrence) Samuel… he was mainly the one, and then I talked to Coach Dantonio for a little, and then that was about it. “

Sam Webb: Then you made it over to Michigan. How was that trip?

Andy Bauer: “It was incredible! I got there and I talked to Coach Hecklinski and Coach Funk; we talked for about a good hour or so. Then I talked to Coach Al Borges... and that’s actually when they offered me… he offered me. Then after that I got to meet the strength coach and see their strength facilities. Then I talked to people from academics and everything, took some tours of the facilities, and got to go in the Big House and everything.  That was just breathtaking seeing that.  I mean… it’s a ridiculous stadium! And then we went back and I talked to Coach Funk and Coach Hecklinski a little more. We went into like the team meeting room; watched a video. Some other recruits had gone in there, so we talked to them for a little.  Then we said bye to everyone and had to leave. It was a great experience.”

Sam Webb: So your initial impressions of the coaches… particularly of Funk and Hecklinski, your recruiter and your would-be position coach?

Andy Bauer: “They’re just great guys. They’re very personable, and they’re not the type of guys that would just tell you what you want to hear. They’re out for your best interests.  They want you at Michigan, but ultimately they want what’s best for you. If you don’t want to go to Michigan, they’re not going to push you.  They’re not going to lie to you and tell you things that aren’t true just to get you there. They’re pretty straightforward guys; easy to talk to, and very…I really liked them.”

Sam Webb: It is so early for you; have you even begun to think about what your game plan is as far as a timeline for narrowing down your list, and then making a decision?

Andy Bauer: “Just kind of, like, whenever I feel comfortable making it.  Whenever I feel comfortable with the school, and I feel it’s the right fit for me and everything.  I’m not going to wait until a certain time or anything. I have no idea when (a decision will be made).  It could be next month, it could be two years. I’ll just see how it goes, and see how I feel and everything.  But I’m definitely not going to wait if I know it’s a school I want to go to.”

Sam Webb: So when you get ready to sit down and make that choice, whenever it is, what are going to be the most significant, factors?

Andy Bauer: “Really it’s going to come down to coaches, where I have the best chance for success, and academics.  I’m really close to my high school coach, and really close to my dad, and my mom, and my brother, and my sister…so where my dad and my brother – my family – thinks I’ll be best off at, and where my coach thinks will be a good fit.  That’s all going to play into it and everything. And I just, I think it just takes time to find that perfect place. I’m just looking around and trying to see what every school has to offer.”

Sam Webb: With any of these offers and visits, have any schools begun to stick out for you at this point? Do you have a favorite or a top group of schools?

Andy Bauer: “I don’t, but I’d say my Michigan visit was probably one of the best visits I’ve ever been on.”

Sam Webb: Ok, and where all have you been so far?

Andy Bauer: “I’ve been to – I mean, every visit’s been great – I’ve been to Oklahoma, Mizzou, Wisconsin. I went to Miami of Florida and it was really cool. Oregon…”

Sam Webb: So all these visits and all these places across the country, but you also mentioned how close you are to your family. Is distance from home going to be a big factor for you?

Andy Bauer: “It’s always something to look at, but I’m not going to limit myself and limit my options just because of distance.”

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