Cali RB knows about Michigan

Michigan is tossing their recruiting net all the way out to the West Coast as an offer has been extended to 2013 running back Justin Davis. Davis spoke talked to GBW about how all of his offers came in, what Michigan knows about him, and what he knows about Michigan.

Receiving offers for recruits is a little bit like kids wondering what kind of gift you have for them on Christmas -- they can't wait to see what they have.

Justin Davis out of Lincoln high school in Stockton California has received quite a few gifts, er, offers. Usually kids receive an offer here or -- there for Justin things exploded really fast.

"Things really happened fast within the last two weeks," he told GoBlueWolverine. "I have received 11 offers in that time frame. Going from no offers to 11 was pretty overwhelming. Cal, UCLA, Oklahoma, USC, Michigan, Northwestern, Washington, Washington State, Oregon State, Boise State, Ole Miss. It has been nice so far because my hard work is paying off.

The Wolverines of Michigan are one of those schools that offered recently, and they told Davis what they like about how he plays.

"Michigan's offer came out of the Blue (laughing) -- the first contact ever and it was an offer. I talked with Coach Dan Ferrigno (tight ends & special teams. Coach said he likes my speed and explosiveness and how I hit the hole. I feel like I fit well into their offense with the way they are playing."

Justin has had a chance to take a look at what the Wolverines are doing, and he certainly likes what direction they are going in.

"Michigan used to be a spread offense; now they run a pro-style offense and I like that they switched back to power football. They have won games like that in the past and I am glad they went back to that style of football. Michigan is getting things turned around and getting back to that winning tradition. They are the winningest program in college football history, and they have the biggest stadium. Michigan has fans that care about football and they sell out every home game. I went to their website and did a little research on Michigan, and it would be great to be apart of what they are doing there."

Davis is the type of back that runs downhill and his past games have proven how durable he can be when he is asked to carry the load. He compares his game to an NFL player that is a power runner.

"I had a high game of 38 carries, and I have carried the ball three times at 30 or more. Adrian Peterson is the back I play like -- I run with power, speed and explosiveness. I also like to run between the tackles."

Distance does not appear to be an issue for the California prospect and Michigan seems to have a good chance at getting a visit from him.

"My unofficial visits I will stay local, but Michigan will be in consideration for one of my five official visits I take. I am looking at what school suits me best and where I am most comfortable."

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