Booker Takes Game to New Heights

When former Grandville (MI) combo guard made the move to Moss Point, MS last year his goal was to improve all aspects of his game. With his first season now under his belt, he c/o 2014 standout can look back and proudly say mission accomplished. Now recruiting is picking up steam, and a number of programs are turning up the heat… including Michigan.

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Sam Webb: Compare your game now to where it was when you first started down there in Mississippi.

Devin Booker: “Well I believe that I got more aggressive on offense and on the defensive end.  I've developed a better pull up game, mid range, and more of a post game.”

Sam Webb: What about your mentality on the floor?  I know I remember when we talked right when the season started you said the competition is stiffer and guys get at you more down there.  Did you develop that edge that you were looking for?

Devin Booker: “Yeah I have.  This change is just…I do a lot better with all the confidence now.”

Sam Webb: Was there a point in the season where you thought, ‘alright now I am one of those guys other teams have to fear?’

Devin Booker: “Yeah, it was actually that weekend we played and I had 54 points and then I came back the next game and had 33 with the game-winner.  That's about when it changed.”

Sam Webb: Your dad is going to be your fiercest critic, as is the case with many parents. What has he said to you about your game at this point?

Devin Booker: “He said he has seen it all along. He just felt like I was in a box at my old school.  He wanted to bring it out.”

Sam Webb: I know that the move has meant the world to you athletically, but I was wondering if any part of you gets homesick.

Devin Booker: “Well I'm always going to miss my family but, outside of that not really, no.  I talk on the phone all the time and with the technology it's not really that big of a deal, but I'm going to be visiting back a lot.”

Sam Webb: I know you were thinking about getting back up to Michigan this weekend and attending the Michigan / Ohio State game.  Is that going to happen or are you going to have to do it another time?

Devin Booker: “It's going to happen.”

Sam Webb: So what about recruiting?  I know a couple weeks ago you visited Missouri.  Have you been able to make it out to any other schools?

Devin Booker: “No.  I was supposed to make it to the Mississippi State Georgia game, but we didn't make it up there.”

Sam Webb: Okay so take me back through that Missouri visit, how did that go going to your dad's alma mater?

Devin Booker: “It was a big game, big rivalry, I went to the one last year also.  But this game was big because, you know, Missouri was ranked higher this year and they beat us this year.”

Sam Webb: Okay, so when you stepped on campus being the son of the former player, did everyone know who you were, or are you still kind of flying under the radar up there?

Devin Booker: “Most people knew who I was.”

Sam Webb: As far as schools coming at you, I know Mississippi State, Missouri, and Michigan have been on you… are any new schools coming at you now?

Devin Booker:Georgetown’s been calling, Florida… and Michigan State… they called.”

Sam Webb: Who has come down to actually see you?

Devin Booker:Alabama came to see me, Georgetown was at a game and then Michigan.”

Sam Webb: How many times has Michigan been down to see you?

Devin Booker: “They were at my first game and my last game.  So twice.”

Sam Webb: Okay so as far as conversations with Michigan are concerned, I know you said you stay in contact with Bacari Alexander.  Have you had a chance to connect with Coach Beilein yet?

Devin Booker: “We haven't really talked much over the phone. It's usually BA. I called Bacari a lot. We keep in touch.”

Sam Webb: Where are you as far as setting up visits to schools?  Is that something you plan on doing now?  Or are you going to wait till the summer to do that?

Devin Booker: “We'll probably wait till the summer.”

Sam Webb: I know it's still early for you, but have any schools started to stick out for you on your list yet?

Devin Booker: “No, no favorites."

Sam Webb: Who do you feel is coming at you the hardest at this point?

Devin Booker: “Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi State are probably going the hardest right now.”

Sam Webb: So when you come up to Michigan this weekend is there anything in particular that you’re going to be looking for?

Devin Booker: “No, I just like to feel the environment… especially big rising games like this.  I know it's going to be a lot of people there, and a lot of noise.”

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