Distance Factor Lessens for Drennon

Earlier in his recruitment Erial (NJ) Timber Creek DE/LB, Dajaun Drennon didn't think venturing away from home would be a likely scenario. But now that offers have come pouring in from schools like Michigan, he's begun thinking differently. He talked about that with GBW recently, and also discussed his interest in the Maize & Blue, his visit plans, and much much more.

Sam Webb: Take me back to when you received your Michigan offer.  How did you get word of the offer?

Dajaun Drennon: “Coach Henson passed the news to me. I had called Coach Mallory and we just talked and he said that he needs people like me on the line, getting to the quarterback.”

Sam Webb: As far as the contact with Michigan… has it only been Coach Mallory so far?  Or have you talked to any of the other coaches yet?

Dajaun Drennon: “I talked to all the coaches actually when they had offered and I called up there.  They just kind of passed the phone around so I actually got the chance to speak with every coach.”

Sam Webb: Any of the conversations stick out to you as particularly memorable?

Dajaun Drennon: “I really don't think it was like a specific person or anything, but they just all talk with a high level of confidence in offering me.  So I feel that they believe in my offer, it's not like one of those schools that just offers you because every other school has offered you.  They seem like they really know what they want out of me and they see what they like.”

Sam Webb: Did you speak a little longer with the defensive line coach since you’re a defensive end?

Dajaun Drennon: “Well actually to tell you the truth, Michigan was asking me if I could stand up so...”

Sam Webb: Is that something that you're open to?

Dajaun Drennon: “I'm open to whatever is easiest on myself. I'll do whatever.”

Sam Webb: I know you had a boat-load of offers when we talked down in San Antonio.  How many are you up to now?

Dajaun Drennon: “Right now I'm about up to 20-something.”

Sam Webb: Have you begun to think about which of those schools you're going to make it out on visits to?

Dajaun Drennon: “I have been narrowing down a little bit, but I'm still keeping my options open because, as you said, more offers keep coming and coming.”

Sam Webb: Do you think Michigan is going to be one of the schools you visit?

Dajaun Drennon: “Yes sir, I'm trying to make a visit to every school that offers me, but I think I definitely will be making a visit to Michigan.”

Sam Webb: When you talked to Coach Mallory, did you guys talk about a time frame for that visit? 

Dajaun Drennon: “Most likely it will be some time in during the summer because, you know, during the school year it's going to be pretty hard because Michigan is pretty far.”

Sam Webb: I know that they offered your teammate Greg Webb also.  Have most of the schools that have offered you offered him?  And if so are you guys talking more about going to school together now?

Dajaun Drennon: “Yes sir, almost every school that offers me offers him and we have been talking about going to the same school a lot.”

Sam Webb: Do you have it in your mind when you're going to start narrowing your list down to a group of favorites?

Dajaun Drennon: “Yes, it should be narrowed down to a group before the season starts, and as the season progresses my decision will get closer and closer.”

Sam Webb: Do you have an idea about how you're going to do it?  Are you going to be one of those all star game guys or are you going to wait till signing day? 

Dajaun Drennon: “I'm thinking I'm going to release it at my school because that seems to be tradition. I won't break tradition.  I’ll release it at my school and then sign February 1st.”

Sam Webb: What are going to be the big factors in that decision?

Dajaun Drennon: “Well at first I was kind of separating on travel, but I'm starting to notice that when you want to go to a school that you love you might have to travel so, I think that factor might just be out (the window).  But a factor that definitely is going to play a big part is having my major… how a school ranks in my major, and how good they are compared to other schools.”

Sam Webb: And what do you want to major in?

Dajaun Drennon: “I'm going in between engineering and marketing, so I think when I first get to school I will look at both and try to get a feel of it and see which one I like more.”

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