UM's Recruiting Flurry Gets Isaac's Attention

A weekend recruiting blitz that netted Michigan eight commitments has fans and recruits buzzing alike. Joliet (IL) Catholic RB, Ty Isaac certainly took notice. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to discuss how that recruiting success might impact him, the latest on his visit plans, and more.

Michigan’s recruiting frenzy last weekend turned the heads of a great many college football observers, including a number of the Wolverines’ top recruiting targets.  The overwhelming class momentum, the dwindling spots at certain positions, or a combination of the two, could prove to be alluring to some prospects. However, in the case of Joliet (IL) Catholic RB, Ty Isaac, the significance of such factors may be limited.

“It’s hard not to notice (Michigan’s recruiting success), but I kind of told myself ‘don’t let that be a deciding factor,” said Isaac.  “I know there are a few places that I really want to see. I know that being somewhere with a good class is a big deal, and to me it’s very important, but I didn’t really want to make a rash decision just because everyone else was doing it.”

That likely won’t stop a collection of determined Michigan commits from trying to draw him into the fold.  While he doesn’t expect such correspondences to speed up his process, he’d happily welcome the chance to compare notes with his fellow recruits.

“Right now, nobody’s really hit me,” he said.  “If they did, it would definitely be something to talk about.  But like I said, there are just some places that I still really want to check out and I don’t want to rush this. But I know most of them, and a good class is important… not necessarily just good talent, but good people.  So that’s a plus that I know some of the people going (to Michigan).  But like I said, I still want to check out a few other things.”

While on a family trip down south last week, Isaac was able was able to check out SEC power Auburn.  He came away from the experience impressed.

“It was a good visit,” said Isaac.  “It was a lot better than what I expected… not to say that I expected a bad visit.  I just thought it would be kind of feeling each other out.  We showed up kind of late because I flew in late, and we stayed a pretty long time. It was a Friday night and they showed me every little last thing.  They went over everything with me. It was a good visit.”

Isaac’s future visit schedule is somewhat fluid, but there are three destinations he knows he will make it to.

“March 3rd I’ll be at Notre Dame, I’ll be back up at Michigan soon; and then USC,” he said.  “I know I’m going (to USC) in the spring and I’ll probably be back in the summer. I know there will be multiple visits to that place.  I’ve been up to California before and seen UCLA, but I definitely want to see USC.”

As for Michigan, Isaac hopes his trip to Ann Arbor will include a lot of face time with the coaches, especially headman Brady Hoke.  That means a trip up to the annual spring game is unlikely.

“It will probably just a regular spring practice -- because (at the spring game) I know there’s so much going on,” he explained.  “There are so many people there for the spring games, it’s kind of hard to get down and do any real individual stuff.  I’ll just hit a practice or something, that way we can actually have some one-on-one time.”

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