LA CB Walker has family in Michigan

Los Angeles cornerback Cameron Walker received good news last week in the form of his first scholarship offer. That offer came from Michigan. Walker discusses with GBW his family connection in the Great Lake State and his style of play on the gridiron.

Michigan offered Loyola high school cornerback Cameron Walker last week, an offer that came out of nowhere for Walker who hadn't had any direct contact with the wolverines coaching staff.

"Like zero," Walker said to GoBlueWolverine. "They sent me a questionnaire, I filled that out and sent it back. I got a couple of letters saying they're interested, telling me about the campus and everything -- and then the offer."

Upon hearing the news, Walker's excitement was a combination of an offer from a program like Michigan and the fact it was the first of what will be many.

"Michigan is Michigan, Michigan is a big time school," said Walker. "It was a combination of that and that it was my first offer, and all this hard work is starting to come together and pay off. I was barely listening to the voice mail after they said we're offering you a scholarship. At first I thought I was in trouble for something," said Walker laughing. "It was an incredible experience and it got me really excited."

Looking at Michigan's defense this past fall, Walker feels like his skill set fits perfectly with what the wolverines want to do.

"Physical, very physical," said Walker. "They all get after the ball, I like that a lot, that's how we play at Loyola."

As far as his style of play he sais, I think I'm pretty balanced, I can come up in run support if they need me, I'm not afraid of anybody. I'll cover anybody, man or off and I like to press a lot."

A nice feather in the cap for the Wolverines is the fact that Walker has family in the Saginaw area -- and as it turns out he and his mom will be in town this spring.

"Michigan, it just so happens that I have some family out there and they're throwing a party in like late April for my cousin's anniversary," said Walker. "My mom and I are going to go out there for that, and I hope to take a visit to Michigan as well."

With most prospects out on the west coast, distance from home can be an issue, but for Walker that's not the case with him or his parents.

"My parents want me out the house," said Walker laughing. "They don't want me anywhere close to home, they want me to get out and experience being on my own in college, getting ready to do my own stuff in life. I'm not saying that schools like UCLA, San Diego State or anything are out of the question, but it just feels like I should be away from home."

Walker is taking things as they come this early in the process with no timeline for a decision in the near future, but the 5'11, 180 pound corner knows what he's looking for in a school.

"First I want to go to a school that has good academics, because just in case football doesn't work out I have a good degree to fall back on," said Walker. "I really want to like my coach, my position coach, because I'll be spending a lot of time with him. And I need to make sure I fit in right with my teammates, and the campus life has to be cool."

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