Chris Rogers Commits to Michigan

Sunday headline:'s #4 tight end got to Ann Arbor for the U-M Camp this afternoon and couldn't wait -- he went right in and committed to U-M! Read the family-member interview Sun. afternoon confirming the commitment.<br><br> Monday AM addition: we also have for you the Rogers Recruiting Story.

I talked early Sunday evening with a family member of Chris Rogers (2003 U-M Camper, 6-3, 240 lbs., 4.7 40, 340-lb. bench press, 3.3 GPA/950 SAT) from Wexford, Pa., North Allegheny (in western Pa.).

"Yes, [Chris] went to Ann Arbor this (Sunday) afternoon and, he just met with Coach Carr a little while ago. [He] committed to Coach Carr and Michigan!"

Note: normally Sunday is just 'check-in' day for campers, and there are no meetings, etc., with prospects on that day. But Chris is a kid U-M really wanted, so obviously an exception was made!

Rogers had already been to U-M twice. He first visited for the OSU basketball game Junior Day in February, when he met with Coach Carrr and was offered a scholarship -- one of the very first offers given out. Right afterward he told me:

"Yes, they offered me a scholarship. It was before the game. I went on the trip with my dad and my best friend. I was told, 'Coach Carr really wants to meet you. Wait here.' So I waited until a couple other kids came out. Then my dad and I went in. At first it was just, 'Hi. How are you doing.' That kind of thing. And then Coach Carr said, 'We have your tape, we've seen what you can do. We have a Michigan scholarship for you if you so desire.' I was really excited. But I said I can't make up my mind right this minute. I have to think about it. Coach Carr understood, he was fine with that. But as I said, I am really excited that Michigan has offered me a scholarship. It's really boosted my confidence, that Coach Carr would consider me so highly." As far as favoites he added, "Michigan is at the top."

Then Chris and his coach came back to Ann Arbor in early April to watch a spring practice, and afterward told me:

"My parents and I went up to Michigan Wednesday (Apr. 9). Our plan was to watch practice, get a tour of campus, and meet with the coaches. On Thursday had our visit. We got a campus tour and met with academic people, then we had lunch with Coach Loeffler and Coach Sheridan, and we talked to Coach Carr. Then we watched practice for a while, then went into to the Big House, and came back and watched them finish practice." As far as a leader he said, "Michigan has my highest interest, then Penn State. I've been to Michigan twice now, and Penn State once. I like Michigan because of the people there, and the atmosphere there. There's also the Michigan program, the history of the football team. That's the biggest thing -- the history of the Michigan football program. The football program is outstanding. Also, at the Junior Day they showed us the impressive academic setup they have to support athletes in getting their degree. And the coaches are really nice, they were all very personable. Those are the biggest things. If you look at recent history -- Michigan has the better package."

Chris' Head Coach Jim Rankin has a state-of-Michigan connection; he told me in the spring:

"My daughter lives in Plymouth Mich., so I've been going to Michigan since '84 to see her. Shes a teacher, and her husband works at Ford. So I'm going to see her at the end of March and then to go the Michigan Coaches' Clinic March 26-18. Coach Carr is a class guy ... he really helps high school coaches."

And regarding Chris, Coach Rankin told me:

"Chris is versatile: he's 6-3, 240 lbs., and he can play defensive tackle or end. He also plays tight end, and has great hands. His strengths are his quickness and speed. On defense he's a cat. He's strong too though, he benches almost 350 pounds. And at tight end he catches everything, he has very soft hands. He also punts for a 40+ yard average. Michigan told him they're focused on defense for him."

And Coach Rankin spoke highly of Chris as a person as well.

"Chris is classy. He's a good student, he has a 3.2 GPA and just took his boards. He's the type of guy that's on time and polite. He's outgoing, a leader -- he started on defense for us as a sophomore and was a leader from the start."

As a junior defensive end Rogers, who a knowledgable observer told me is "A hellacious player," made 75 tackles and eight sacks; as a tight-end he caught 19 passes for 278 yards and four touchdowns.

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