Gallimore Not Camping, But ...

Top Missou. OL <B>Brett Gallimore</B> had talked in the spring of possible camping at U-M. He's not, but ... I talked to the Gallimores Sunday afternoon.

The father of Brett Gallimore (from Riverside, Mo., Park Hill South, in the Kansas City area) answered the phone:

"I just called and talked to Andy Moeller (Brett's U-M recruiter) a short time ago. We call and talk to him fairly often. Brett will probably call him next week."

Then Brett (6-5, 290 lbs., 5.1 in the 40, 300-lb. bench press, 2.6 GPA) came to the phone.

I asked him about his summer plans.

"I'm not going to any camps. But I'll make some unofficial visits in July. I'm going to the West Coast to see Oregon and UCLA. I'll visit the Florida schools: Florida, Florida State and Miami. And in the Midwest I'll go to Purdue, Illinios, Ohio State, and Michigan again." We also might stop by Tennessee. Note: he had also visited U-M for a spring practice, at which time he was offered a scholarship."

Do you have a list of favorites?

"Not yet. We're going to start thinking of a top ten. The schools I'll be visiting may be in it, and I've also been to Missouri and Oklahoma."

Are you planning an early, or late, decision?

"I'm not really sure yet. I might make a decision in October."

Note: Gallimore's father told me when I talked to him in May that he grew up in Ohio; will this come down to a U-M/OSU/Missou. race?

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