Hargreaves Eyeing Michigan Visit

Tampa (FL) Wharton standout Vernon Hargreaves may be one of the most ballyhooed prospects in the 2013 class, but the four-star CB isn't letting all the accolades go to his head. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the even-keeled youngster recently to discuss his game, his recruitment, his interest in Michigan, and more.

One of the most prevalent lessons many parents of child prodigies try teach is that of modesty.  For much of Vernon Hargreaves’ young life, the importance of that trait has been driven into him.

“My parents make sure I stay humble with the success that I have had,” said Hargreaves.  “They tell me as fast as success has come, I could lose it just that fast. My dad (who coaches at the University of South Florida) also talks to me about listening to my coaches, being a leader, and not getting a big head with the attention I am getting.  I feel good about what I have accomplished through hard work and my goal is to be one of the top guys in the country receiving offers from colleges.”

Combine that attitude with Hargreaves’ outstanding work ethic and you have the ingredients for one country’s elite prospects.  It’s no surprise that a who’s who of college football is now hot on his trail.  Among those programs showing strong interest is the University of Michigan. According to Hargreaves, the feeling is definitely mutual.

“I have interest in the University of Michigan,” he said.  “I have watched them on TV and I like the fact that they play in front of 114,000 at every home game.  I mean, what’s not to like about them.”

Hargreaves has established such a nice rapport with his Michigan recruiter that he is seriously considering taking a trip up to Ann Arbor in the coming months.

“I’ve talked with Coach Jerry Montgomery (defensive line coach) and he is a cool dude,” stated Hargreaves.  “I am just hoping to build a better relationship with him. I spoke with my parents about visiting and we might come up in the summer.”

A campus visit will go a long way towards bridging the gap between Michigan and the southern programs Hargreaves is more familiar with.  As it stands, he insists his attending school close to home is not a foregone conclusion.  There are other factors that will weigh much heavier in his decision-making process.

“I will not be affected by the distance of a school I want to go to,” he stated emphatically.  “I am looking for a stable program with a coach that is going to be there. Education is very important wherever I go.  Those are some of the factors that are vital to what I am looking for.”

Other football factors will also play a role.  While he also has the talent to play wide receiver at the next level, he doesn’t mince words about the position he wants to play in college and the style of football he prefers.

“I will play cornerback in college,” said Hargreaves.  “I like playing zone but I am better at man to man. Playing the wide receiver position has taught me a lot in the way I play against them now. The routes they run and how they run them it has helped me at the corner to become a better player.”

Figuring out which program best meets the above criteria is something Hargreaves is in no rush to figure out.

“Right now I am just taking it all in with the schools that are coming my way,” he said.  “I am just going to take my time.”

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