Is Michigan in Driver's Seat for Conley?

The Michigan Wolverines are looking to add size at the corner position in its 2013 class and one of the top candidates to help fill that need is Massillon (OH) Washington standout, Gareon Conley. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to get the latest on his recruitment his leaderboard, his visit plans, and more.

Sam Webb: Before we talk recruiting, take me back to your football season.  How did things go for you on the gridiron?

Gareon Conley: “It was all right.  Our season came down to our last game against our rivals.  Whoever won made the playoffs.  We lost, so it ended hard.”

Sam Webb: Do you remember what your individual stats were?

Gareon Conley: “I had 26 tackles, four interceptions, and one sack.”

Sam Webb: Describe your game.  Give a scouting report on Gareon Conley for folks that haven’t seen you play.

Gareon Conley: “Basically speed is a big part of my game.  I hustle to every play, make tackles when needed, and make big plays.  This was my first year really playing cornerback.  I was a receiver (prior to last season).”

Sam Webb: What are your height weight and 40 time?

Gareon Conley: “My height is 6-1, weight 169-170, and I ran a 40 a few days ago and I ran a 4.38.”

Sam Webb: Talk about that switch corner.  Was it a tough adjustment or did you get it right away?

Gareon Conley: “It took me a while.  In the offseason we worked on it a lot. That helped me, then when game time came I got better.”

Sam Webb: Was there a particular moment or match-up last year where everything clicked and you said to yourself, ‘I’ve got this!'?

Gareon Conley: “The Firestone game… they have a really good receiver (Kevin Gladney).  He made a couple catches on me, but there was a clutch play in the fourth quarter that I got an interception on.  We were in man coverage.”

Sam Webb: What scholarships offers do you have on the table right now?

Gareon Conley: “I have three right now… Northwestern, Michigan, and West Virginia.”

Sam Webb: Had Michigan been on you very hard leading up to offering, or did it come out of nowhere?

Gareon Conley: “They had been sending me letters, but not really recruiting me hard.  It basically came out of nowhere.  I was really surprised by it all.”

Sam Webb: So how did you get the news of the offer?

Gareon Conley: “Three of my coaches went up to Michigan with Shawn Crable.  They were telling (the Michigan staff) how good of a player I am and that I am good in the classroom.  Then they showed them my highlight video.  I was actually in class when one of my coaches pulled me out and said, ‘Someone wants to talk to you on the phone.’  It was Coach Hoke.  He said my coaches spoke highly of me and he liked my video and that he wanted offer me a scholarship to the University of Michigan.”

Sam Webb: You’re a pretty laid back guy.  How did you react to that news?

Gareon Conley: “I was definitely excited. I held the phone, I screamed a little bit (laughter) and then I got back on the phone.”

Sam Webb: Do know Shawn Crable well? Have you worked with him?

Gareon Conley: “Nah… I mean, I talk to him all the time and he helps us out in basketball, but other than that I don’t really know him.”

Sam Webb: At this point in your recruitment are there schools that you’re still waiting to receive offers from, or are you content with what you have?

Gareon Conley: “I’m pretty content with what I have.  Really all of them were unexpected.  These are fine schools to me.  I’m just waiting to go on the college tours.”

Sam Webb: Do you have a favorite at this point.

Gareon Conley: “Michigan.  I talk to those coaches mostly.”

Sam Webb: Have you been to Michigan before?

Gareon Conley: “No. I have a visit scheduled for March 10th, but if we win our (playoff basketball) game Saturday, then I won’t be able to go because we’ll have a game that day.”

Sam Webb: Let’s pretend for a second that you’re getting ready to sit down and make a decision.  What are going to be the biggest factors in that choice?

Gareon Conley: “Academics.  I’ve still got to find out what I want to do… but whatever school I pick has the most to offer academic wise.  Whatever program is similar to ours because I want into a program where I fit in.”

Sam Webb: Do you have a timeline for getting your recruitment over with?

Gareon Conley: “I kind of want to get it done before the season.  Probably in the summer time.”

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