Is Gedeon on the Verge of Making a Decision?

The focus of the Michigan coaching staff was on Hudson, OH LB Ben Gedeon today, and those efforts made quite an impression. He now has a lot of thinking to do. Is the Buckeye State standout now on the verge of making a decision?

Ben Gedeon had interacted with the Michigan coaches before, and he’d taken in the atmosphere during a game, but there was still a lot about the Maize & Blue he hadn’t experienced… until today.

“It was great,” said Gedeon of his time in Ann Arbor.  “We got to see a lot of the campus I hadn’t seen.  My dad loved it.  He enjoyed talking with the coaches. Overall it was awesome.”

The connection with the staff looms particularly large in Gedeon’s decision making process.  His time with Greg Mattison and other coaches today only confirmed his prior impressions of the men charged with running the Michigan football program.

“They talked about everything Michigan has to offer with academics and such, but what stood out (most) had to be how genuine the coaches are.”

When the conversation switched from academics to football, a frank picture was painted of exactly where things stand with linebacker recruiting.  What Gedeon found out now has him in the process of reevaluating his recruiting plan.

“They didn’t specify a position (for me) yet, but (they’d want me at) MIKE or WILL probably,” he said.

  “I’m not sure if they want (where things currently stand with linebacker recruiting numbers) out there.”

“I won’t be making a decision tonight, but (the numbers crunch) definitely will be taken into account and could speed (my making a decision) up.”

Does that mean Michigan is back on top?

Replied Gedeon, “I’m not going to say a leader yet, but I’ll let you know.”

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