4-star Texas DT Visiting Michigan

Four-Star defensive tackle Christian Lacouture is one of Texas's top defensive prospects. GBW caught up with the Lone-star state talent as he talked recruiting, his thoughts on Michigan, a spring visit to Ann Arbor, and more.

Texas defensive tackle Christian Lacouture recently decommited from his hometown team Texas A & M and will be taking a visit to Ann Arbor this spring.

"Yeah I really like them," the four-star defensive tackle said about Michigan. "I am going up there for the spring game. I am supposed to go with my family. They just see me as a versatile defensive linemen, and like I said I am going up there probably for the spring game."

Now that he has opened up recruiting again, Lacouture said it is a open game for his services. He said Texas A & M is still the top school he is looking at, but is going back to drawing board far as the rest of schools.

"Yeah my family sat down and talked about it. It is probably: if I had to pick outside of Texas A & M. You know, I am probably going back to square one with schools," said the A & M high school junior and College Station native Lacouture. "It's kind of too soon to tell. I'm kind of looking at making a decision by the beginning of the Summer. But hopefully we'll just see how things play out. I'm kind of back to square one. I just kind of want to reevaluate things, and just see what people have to offer."

Lacouture is being recruited by Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison and offensive line coach Darrell Funk, and the D-lineman says he has a good relationship with both coaches and is looking forward to meeting them in person.

"I like them both," said Scout's #20 DT prospect. "Coach Mattision -- as a defense coordinator I really like what he runs. You know their defense, and I really like their scheme. You know coach Funk thinks the world of Mattison too. He tells me he is a go-getter. He worked for the Baltimore Ravens so he knows what it takes (to make the NFL). They jumped a 100 spots in defense (last season), so it shows what a great coach he is. And I am looking forward to meet him in person. I talked to coach Funk for a long time. He is a great guy. I know he is the offensive line coach and my area recruiter. He works with a lot of Michigan top offensive linemen and I am really looking forward to meeting him in person. "

While Lacouture is looking to make his college choice this Summer, he said there are many factors that will go in to his decision.

"Some factors for me would be: education would be one," Lacouture said. "But ultimately, I want to win a national championship. I want to go compete and win a national championship. And win the conference wherever I go. You know, just play and go in there and play hard, and get developed. And, hopefully, I will go on to the pros. "

With Michigan's 2013 class filling up at a record pace, Lacouture said he is paying attention to their class, but is not rushing his decision.

" Yeah I have been paying attention to their class. And I know they have some highly talented guys. They have a couple five star guys. It is a great class for them," Lacouture said. "You know, looking at it for a decision -- I don't think I need to rush. I just feel confident in my abilities. You know I just feel like going in there, I will make the right choice. And what's best for me. And I will make a decision by this Summer."

With his planned Spring visit, Lacouture looks forward to meeting the coaches on his visit and seeing where he stands in Michigan's future plans.

"I want to meet the coaches in person, definitely. I am looking forward to seeing the academic center. The facilities, and really just communicating with the coaches. Sitting down with them one on one. Just talking about the schemes and where they see me."

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