Conley "feels the most comfortable with U-M"

GBW spoke with Gareon Conley's mom last night, who explained to us what was going to go down today- and why. And she talked about Gareon's fast rise from obscurity.

GoBlueWolverine spoke with Gareon Conley's mom last night. Here's how the conversation went:

GBW: Gareon tweeted that he's going to commit to Michigan tommorow. Is that what he's going to do?

"Yes it is," Gareon's mom said. "Gareon and I are going up there tomorrow -- we'll be there at 10 AM in the morning, and he'll commit shortly after."

Neither Gareon nor his mom have been to ann Arbor before, she said. "This will be our first visit -- we're both excited."

GBW: Why is it Michigan for him?

"It's just the whole picture at Michigan, athletics and academics. Just the whole combination. Plus -- Gareon just feels the most comfortable with Michigan."

Conley has pretty much come out of the blue as a fast-rising prospect, surprisingly being named's #227 prospect. Is all this sudden attention a surprise to the family as well?

"Definitely. What people don't know is that Gareon didn't even play football until 7th grade. We were basketball people. But as soon as I saw him out on the field I thought -- why, he could get a D-1 scholarship some day!"

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