Jaron Dukes talks visit, Shane, Isaac

Michigan wide receiver commitment Jaron Dukes made his way up to Ann Arbor yesterday after committing to the Wolverines a couple of weeks ago. Dukes dishes on his experience yesterday, the comfort he has with the fellow commits, and who he see's as the ringleader of the 2013 class.

When Marion WR Jaron Dukes visited Michigan a few weeks ago he was an uncommitted recruit being wooed by 2013 Wolverine commitments and the Michigan coaching staff. During his time in Ann Arbor yesterday, the 6'3, 200 pound wide out had a chance to relax and just be a part of the Michigan family.

"Everything just felt right," said Dukes after just returning home. "It felt like family, it felt like I've been there before. It felt like I've been there for years, that's how they treated me -- so it was really nice, I loved it all. We drove around, talked to a lot of the recruits and people coming in. I got to meet a lot of people, meet some of the recruits parents and Shane Morris's parents -- I got to finally meet them so it was real cool."

As impressive as Michigan's start to the 2013 recruiting class is, something equally as impressive is the camaraderie the future Wolverines have been able to build on visits and via social media.

"We stay in touch, we're like family and we all love the game," said Dukes.

One major reason Dukes originally committed to Michigan is because of the future connection between he and QB Shane Morris, a connection that had some fun but also got a little work in on the visit.

"We talk a lot. I told him he's not human because we were there throwing a couple of passes back and forth and just clowning around and my hands stung, he put fire on that ball," said Dukes laughing.

With the #1 running back in the country Ty Isaac on campus, Dukes and Morris were able to connect with the star out of Illinois hoping he joins them in Ann Arbor.

"He's a real cool dude," said Dukes. "He was real laid back, we were all clowning, he just fit right in with Shane and I."

Michigan's coaching staff has earned a considerable amount of credit for their early recruiting efforts in Ann Arbor. And Morris has played an integral role in attempting to get other recruits on board.

"Shane's the ring leader, that's what I told him," said Dukes. "He's like the ring leader. Like with me he just talks to you, lets you get to know him; and if you decide to come to Michigan (he tells you) what kind of player you'll be and what kind of relationship will you have."

Besides spending time with his future signal caller, Dukes was able to connect with his future position coach Jeff Hecklinski.

"I sat down with Coach Heck's kids and we were just clowning around," said Dukes. "I kind of feel already close to him you know, being able to sit down with his kids -- and everything being alright and cool just gives me even more comfort."

With Michigan seemingly raiding the state of Ohio once again in the class of 2013, Dukes won't speak for anyone else but is very happy with his decision.

"I'm loving it," said Dukes. "I'm loving every minute of it and loving being a Wolverine."

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