Big and Fast Describes Thomas Herring

Fremont High School in Los Angeles is home to one of the best all around talents in the west, a versatile and fast big man named <b>Thomas Herring</b>. We wanted to find out if Herring was interested in coming east to play college football.

Herring (6-6, 290, 5.06, 3.2 GPA, June 7 test) was very polite and pleasant on the phone. I had called earlier and spoken to his mother, she told me to call back later in the evening as Herring was at practice. I did and here's what he had to say.

How is your recruiting going?

"Oh it's real good. I've been getting a lot of attention from different schools. I have offers from Michigan, Miami, Oklahoma, USC, Notre Dame, LSU, UCLA, and all the other Pac 10 schools except for Stanford and Washington State."

Do you have a top five?

"Actually I have a top seven, if you don't mind, because that's my number. In order it's USC, Miami, Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida State, and UCLA. I don't really have a firm leader right now."

Do you have any visits set up?

"No, not at the moment. I've been to the USC campus a couple times since it's real close. I like the coaches there and I'll probably be comparing the other schools I visit to them and their facilities, academics, and coaches since they are the only ones I've seen so far. Since I can only take five visits I'm going to go to the first five schools on my list."

Are you going to any camps this summer?

"No, we're already starting summer practice and we'll do that all summer, so I'm just going to stay home."

Tell me about your experience with the Michigan coaches?

"Coach (Ron) English came to see me and we sat down and watched some camp tape and highlight tape. He told me he really liked what he saw as far as me being a good player so he offered me a scholarship to go to Michigan. Later on I talked to Coach (Lloyd) Carr and he made it official. I like Michigan's tradition and academics, they are a top school and always have good teams. My grandfather is from Michigan though I don't know where."

What position are you being recruited for?

"Some schools are recruiting me as a tight-end, others want me as a defensive lineman or end. Michigan said they want to use me as a defensive end, and that's where I want to play."

If your coach was describing you, what would he say?

"He'd say I'm a big, fast athlete with great footwork. The fastest 40 I've run was a 4.8."

When will you make your decision?

"I'll make the final decision on signing day. I'm going to take all my trips and check out all the schools real good before I decide. I don't want to rush into anything. My mom said it's okay if I leave California, so that's not a problem. I wouldn't mind leaving but it will be my decision to make."

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