Cali WR could be a good fit for Michigan

Demorea Stringfellow, class of 2013 WR out of Rancho Verde high school in California, is the type of big receiver the Michigan coaching staff is looking for. In GBW's conversation with him he tells us what type of wide receiver he is, what he thinks about Michigan, and what he is looking for in colleges that are recruiting him.

When asking recruits to describe themselves and the style of player they are, you can't truly get a feel for what they do -- you have to see it on film. But Demorea Stringfellow was not far off from the way he described himself as a player.

"I really focus on my routes as well as my footwork and running in open space," he told GoBlueWolverine. "Coaches talk about how much more physical I am then other receivers and I really take pride in blocking."

Watching his film,'s #283 prospect runs solid routes, he is good in open space, and he is willing to put anyone on the ground with his blocking. At 6'3, 208 pounds, Stringfellow is a big strong receiver that gets the job done.

With the way he plays, many colleges like what they see -- particularly the University of Michigan. The young man has the size and is the sort of receiver that Michigan once again likes to recruit. This past season he had 45 catches for 516 yards and 16 touchdowns, and the Wolverine football staff thinks he can help them in their program.

"I have been offered a scholarship by Michigan's assistant coach Dan Ferrigno (special teams & tight end coach)," Stringfellow said. "He told me that he loves my film. Coach Ferrigno feels that I can do some damage in their offense. He is trying to get me to come out to visit."

The Rancho Verde high school prospect has had a chance to see Michigan play, and he says there are a few things that have caught his eye watching the Wolverines. "I love watching Shoelace and how physical he is -- his speed is crazy. Also I like the way they play -- a fast paced physical style of football."

As far as what the future holds for Stringfellow, he has a couple of items on his list that will factor into what school he gives his signature to play for.

"I am looking for a good academic school where I can major in Business or Kinesiology," he says. "I need a nice social environment that has solid football support, and school spirit. Distance is not a factor -- I want to go where I feel comfortable with the coaching staff, where I can build relationships with my teammates. I want to be at a college where I can make a positive impact."

Stringfellow will look to make a decision before Signing Day, and Michigan should be solidly in the mix for the physical wide receiver.

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