Good News for Michigan Fans!

Tom Beaver spoke this afternoon with the father of <b>Roger Allison</b>, and to <b>Will Johnson</b> (both from Lake Orion, Mich.). There is good news for Michigan fans!

First Tom reached the father of Roger Allison.

"Roger and I called and talked with Coach (Lloyd) Carr this afternoon. Both Roger and Will committed to Michigan!"

Mr. Allison continued, "Roger and Will both were tempted to commit yesterday when they met with Coach Carr, but as I told you last night we advised them to think about it for a day."

"Roger is estatic and so is Will! Roger and Will are workout buddies and they've both worked hard for this. Will especially worked hard and went from being an unknown player to being a highly recruited one."

"It's hard to describe how happy Roger and Will are except to say they are both estatic."

Tom hung up the phone and next called and reached Will Johnson at his home.

"I committed to Michigan this afternoon!"

"Roger and I did a workout at our school this morning. Afterwards we told our coach that we wanted to commit to Michigan. Our coach called Jim Herrmann (Will and Roger's Michigan recruiter), and Coach Herrmann set up the call with Coach Carr."

"We called Coach Carr this afternoon and I told him I was committing to Michigan!"

"This feels great!"

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