Charles Stewart Back From Camp

Charles Stewart attended UM's camp today after initially planning not to. He fills GBW in on how he did at camp and also gives the latest on his recruitment.

How did camp go for you?

"I think it went really well. Coach English is a nice guy and a great teacher. He really helped me out a lot with my technique. He told me he really liked my style of play and that he wants me to come there."

Did you get an offer?

"Yes. Coach Carr called me and my dad in his office and took care of business."

Did you commit?

"No, not yet."

What are your plans now?

"I made a promise to Coach Willingham to go down to his camp for a day, so my plan is to still make it down to South Bend so I can make good on my word. I'll then make my decision when I get back."

Are you down to Notre Dame and Michigan?

"Yes, those are the two."

What will be the deciding factor between the two schools?

"My family. Really I'm just going to talk to my family and pray about it. Both of them are very good schools."

Does one stick out more than the other at this point?

"Yes. Michigan does because the offer is out there. Still, I like them both."

So, if Notre Dame offers they'll pull even?

"I wouldn't say even."

What does your timetable look like now? Are you looking to decide in the middle of July? The end?

"I'm looking to decide the first week in July. I'm looking to make my decision right after I get back from Notre Dame's camp. "

We'll check back with Charles after ND's camp. If something happens previous, we'll be sure to let you know.

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