AZ WR Devon Allen setting up visits

2013 Arizona WR Devon Allen has offers from all over the country including Michigan. GBW caught up with the speedy pass catcher to discuss his relationship with Michigan, the possibility of a visit, and his current leaders.

Michigan is still in search of wide receivers in the class of 2013, and Phoenix, Arizona WR Devon Allen is on the Wolverines' wish list.

"I got [a Michigan offer] about two months ago I think," Allen told GoBlueWolverine, " and It was kind of weird because I wasn't even talking to any of the Michigan coaches before that. So that's pretty cool."

Despite having no contact with Michigan prior to the scholarship offer, the Wolverines are making it known just how big a priority Allen is moving forward.

"I talk to Coach Ferrigno at least once a week," Allen said, "and then I talked to Coach Borges last week and to Coach Hoke last week. I know they win a lot, it's a big school in America pretty much, one that is on TV and one of the most talked about schools."

Throughout Michigan's courtship of Allen the relationship building has been centered around how the 6'1, 190 pound speedster would be utilized if he were to make Ann Arbor his home for four years.

"They're kind of getting to know me," Allen said. "and they're kind of talking about what they want me to play. Because they said they've got a couple of the 6'5 receivers coming in but they aren't as fast as I am, so I would probably be a deep threat. And if they stay in the spread offense running the sweeps and stuff -- I'd probably be that guy. What they're saying is definitely how I picture myself in college. Running the deep routes, getting the ball a lot, some screens—just getting the ball and letting me run in the open field."

After scoring 15 touchdowns on just 30 receptions last fall, Allen classifies himself as a threat to score on every play. With the size, speed and physicality he possesses it's no wonder he has offers from all over the country.

Running track this spring at Brophy College Prep HS, Allen plans to use his spring break period to get out and see some of the schools showing him interest.

"Me and my dad are actually trying to figure out at least one school to go visit during my spring break, which is a little bit later than everybody else's—it's April 7th through the 14th. So we're trying to figure out which schools we're going to fly up to and take an unofficial visit up there."v Which schools are in contention for that April visit?

"Definitely Notre Dame, Michigan, Oklahoma, just because any of the California schools I can pretty much drive to; Arkansas is on there; you know, all of the Midwest schools. I would say Ohio State, Nebraska, all of them—we're just kind of looking for some flights in that area that's not too expensive to get up there for a couple of days."

Allen admittedly isn't sure exactly what he'll be looking for throughout his travels, but hopes to feel the wow factor during his college campus tour.

With so few opportunities to take visits thus far, are any schools already starting to emerge for Allen?

"I can just go off some of them that I've seen—ASU, Washington and Stanford are the schools that I visited," said Allen. "It's a lot different from high school, so there's always going to be an awe inspiring moment going up to a college campus and kind of going around to all of the different environments, the different weather and all of the different people. I would say that the schools I've visited are the ones that are leading right now, just because I've seen them."

For an 18 year old to move way from home is one thing, but for an 18 year old to move to several time zones away is another. According to Allen, if he were to choose a school like Michigan his parents would be fine with him leaving the region.

"With me, I don't really have a preference going out of state or staying in state. It would be cool to stay in state and come home every couple weeks but I could probably do that out of state too, just catch a plane every couple months and visit the family. But other than that I don't think my parents are really opposed to that (to going further away). I think they'll be okay with me leaving the house for a couple years (laughing)."

As for a timeline regarding Allen's decision, he's in no hurry to finish the process—but at the same time doesn't want to make a show of it either.

"I want to for sure take all five of my visits, but whenever I take them it'll probably be within a month after that when I make my decision, because I can't really see too much changing after that unless a big school comes out of nowhere and shows some interest to change the game. But other than that, probably before Signing Day is when I'll commit somewhere. I'm not really into the whole Signing Day thing, picking hats. But other than that I'm not really sure at this point."

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