Nikita Stover Update

Has the Alabama blue-chipper sent his tape north to Ann Arbor?

Nikita Stover has been mentioned as one of the top players in Alabama. Curiously he hadn't heard much from Michigan until recently. It was reported that he hadn't sent his highlight film to Ann Arbor. He gives GBW the latest on his Michigan recruitment.

I've seen different measureables listed for you. Can you give me some accurate numbers?

"I'm 6'1", 188lbs, I run a 4.45, high jump 6'8" and I have run the 200m in 21.6 seconds."

Have you heard from Michigan lately?

"Yes, I talked to Fred Jackson. It went pretty good. He told me that they couldn't offer me until I sent my tape."

Did you send it yet?

"Yeah, I sent it last week sometime so I'm not sure if they've gotten it yet."

Did you just recently become interested in Michigan?

"Nooo. They've been my favorite team ever since I started watching football. I loved Desmond Howard!"

What are going to be the most important factors in your decision?

"The most important factors will be playing time, the people, and the coaches. Being around nice people is important to me."

Will distance be a factor?

"Not at all."

Do you know Max Martin?

"Yeah, I was at Alabama game chillin with him last year."

Do you plan on making Michigan one of your visits?

"Yes I do."

Do you have a timetable for your decision?"

"No. I really don't have an idea of when I want to decide at this point."

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