Treadwell breaks down his recruitment

Laquon Treadwell, the 6'3" class of 2013 wide receiver out of Crete-Monee high in Illinois, has been taking notes on recruiting. He gives GBW an update on his Michigan recruitment, the other schools that are coming at him hard, and how is he improving to become a better player.

The last time we had a chance to sit and talk with Laquon Treadwell he was with his family and some future football prospects in Ann Arbor. His mom, plus teammates Jehari Butler, DeShawn Duncan and William Smalley -- all of them were taking in the experience of what he were going through. For Laquon all of them had a reason for being there.

"My teammates were there so I could share with them the process of watching me being recruited. I thought it would be good experience for them. As far as my mom is concerned it was important for her to be there so that she could have her own point of view of what was going on."

Treadwell has been to Michigan three times, and he is becoming very familiar with the school and the coaching staff.

"I talk with Michigan about two times a week. I recently spoke with Coach Hecklinski (wide receivers coach) and Coach Montgomery (defensive line coach). They want me to come up again soon. We talk about how I would fit in the offense and how they would get me the ball. Coach Hecklinski is a funny guy and I have a good relationship with him as well as with Coach Montgomery. They like my size at the wide receiver position."

Laquon talked about how he feels about the staff as a whole and about Brady Hoke. "I am very comfortable with Michigan's staff and what they are doing. I like Coach Brady Hoke -- he is laid back and cool, I feel as though I could really talk to him and be comfortable with that."

Recently there has been talk of Michigan pressuring players to commit, and Treadwell put that rumor to rest by setting the record straight on that subject. "Oh no, Michigan has not pressured me at all to commit. They have always told to commit when I am ready to."

There are other schools clearly knocking on Laquon Treadwell's door, and he gives his impressions of those that are coming at him hard.

"Oklahoma State -- I have had a chance to watch them a lot when Justin Blackmon was there. It is a good school, I like the offense and the coaches are cool to talk to."

"Oklahoma is a great school and they have great facilities down there."

"Illinois -- their coaches want me to be a hometown kid that starts it off and brings other kids to the program."

As this offseason has gotten under way Laquon says he is working on becoming the best football player he can be, trying to improve his football skill set in certain areas.

"I am working on my footwork. I have been doing a lot of footwork drills that will make me a better player in the future."

With many people wondering when a decision will come for him to choose the college he will attend, Laquan is in no hurry to decide.

"I could do something after football season, I just don't know right now. There is no set time. It is going to be where I feel most comfortable at, and then if something happens then it happens. As for a decision I am just enjoying the process and taking it all in."

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