Morris on his Dallas trip: "It was awesome"

2013 Michigan commit Shane Morris made his way southwest to Dallas over the weekend for an Elite 11 tryout and Nike Camp. Morris talks about his performance, his reasoning for making the trip, and what wide receiver he connected with.

Spring has sprung early in the state of Michigan with temperatures reaching record highs just last week. Over the weekend Michigan quarterback commit Shane Morris left the heat wave in Michigan to head to Dallas, Texas to compete in an Elite 11 try out and returned with a sunburn -- to prove how much hotter it really is down South.

"It is really bad," said Morris laughing. "It's probably one of the worst sunburns I've ever had."

He has a sunny disposition about his experience in the Lone State State however.

"It was awesome," said Morris. "It was a great experience getting to go down to Cowboys Stadium, that place was insane. It's one of the greatest places to play football I've seen besides the Big House. It's just crazy. I had a lot of fun, I had a great time out there."

Morris, a 5 star quarterback in the class of 2013, has been a constant figure at combines and 7 on 7's around the country despite his already lofty ranking. The Elite 11 try out afforded Morris the opportunity to compete against the best of the best to see exactly how he stacked up.

"I just really went down there for competition," Morris explained. "They said some of the best quarterbacks will be down there, so I wanted to go down there and try to prove myself. I feel good about where I stand after going down there, so it was a good trip overall."

The first day of the tryout, Morris admits, wasn't his best day throwing the football around. But after further analysis the De La Salle junior wasn't as unhappy with his performance as he initially let on.

"When I did the interviews after that (first day) I was kind of upset, and just wasn't satisfied with how I performed and I kind of made it sound like I did a lot worse than I probably did. So a lot of people were probably saying I sucked -- but I didn't do that bad," said Morris. "I didn't do as well as I expected to. I was inconsistent, made some bad passes…I just didn't have my best day."

Like all competitors, Morris strapped on his helmet and lived to throw another ball, coming out and impressing onlookers on day two.

"Sunday I came back, I was feeling good, it felt great out there just throwing the ball outside to some great receivers," said Morris. "I think I threw like three incompletions the whole day. It was awesome. I did a lot better, came back fired up."

One of the receivers reeling in the left-handed rockets was 6'4, 190 pound Texas receiver Marcell Ateman. Morris and Ateman were able to connect on the field in Dallas, as well as off.

"I talked to Marcell a few times," said Morris. "You know he's a big body receiver, he runs some good routes, has soft hands, and he's a great player. It was awesome getting to meet him and I got to throw to him a few times. He's a cool kid and he has a lot of interest in Michigan, so hopefully we can get him."

Although the weekend was considered a tryout there was still plenty of teaching and learning going on with current and former NFL quarterbacks in attendance. Morris soaked up the advice he received and doesn't plan on forgetting it any time soon.

"Just getting the chance to talk to Trent Dilfer and Tony Romo and Yogi Roth, those three guys were awesome -- they really helped me out with a lot of stuff," said Morris. "I'm definitely going to take back what they told me I need to do to improve, and I'm going to work on that everyday -- just keep working and never be satisfied."

Morris, who arrived back in Michigan at 2am Monday morning, will put his recruiting hat right back on and head up to Ann Arbor this weekend to take in more Wolverine spring practice.

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