Isaac Taking it All In (Part 2)

In part two of our chat with the father of Joliet (IL) Catholic RB, Ty Isaac, Mr. Isaac discusses his son's decision timetable. Could he be on the verge of making a decision?

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Sam Webb: I know that a large part of your thought process on Ty’s recruitment was shaped by your own experience.  Have you seen the things that you wanted to see from the schools that Ty is looking at? Have you heard the things you wanted to hear… or do you still have some skepticism about them?

Tyrone Isaac: “The nature of the beast is always going to be a little skepticism on my part… that’s just me. I have to see it. I have to see it to make me a believer, but these schools that are in his top five are in the top five for a reason… and it’s because I’m with what we’re being told for the most part. There’s nobody out of line that are in the top five, because then they wouldn’t be in the top five.  I feel pretty good about the ones in the top five. The ones where we’re playing the guessing game with, they got out pretty early.”

Sam Webb: If you had to guess, how long do you see Ty’s recruiting process taking to play out? Do you see this being something that goes into his senior season… beyond his senior season?

Tyrone Isaac: “If I had to guess, I would say before his senior season starts he will have made a decision as to where he’s going. He has made mention of it a few times that he didn’t want to go into his senior season with this hanging over his head heavy. He wanted to finally breathe again… take a deep breath, let it out, and start his senior year.  I kind of agree with him. It would be hard to focus and concentrate on his senior season with this hanging over his head. It’s kind of amazing how this whole process has sped up so much. Back when I was there, you’d get five official visits and it was a much slower pace, but with the internet now and all this social media, it’s sped that part of it up. You wait too long for your five official visits, and by the time most of these kids get to that point, they aren’t making five official visits. They’re only making one to the school they’re going to and that’s kind of it.”

Sam Webb: I know from talking to Ty that Michigan’s class growing as quickly as it did had somewhat of a role in expediting things.

Tyrone Isaac: “It did speed things up. I guess this is kind of the sign of the times. I don’t really blame Michigan. As a parent, and going through it once (as a student athlete)… not at Ty’s level in any way… but still going through it, I don’t like the side of it that has sped up (the timeframe in which kids begin making commitments)… and then you’ve got the other side lagging behind (the timeframe in which official visits can be taken). Everything has to get readjusted. Your five officials… maybe that should be moved back since everything has been sped up.  Maybe (the NCAA) needs to re-adjust the whole thing a bit.”

Sam Webb: I know it was just a guess, but you said you think it’s probable that he does it before his senior season. Do you think it’s possible that he makes a decision this spring, or do you think it’s more likely that he does it in the summer?

Tyrone Isaac: “I think moreso, probably towards the summer. That part of it, I don’t rush. He has mentioned before the football season. I kind of go all the way to the end to that. I would be surprised if he went into his senior season undecided, but as long as he’s giving me some kind of timeframe, that’s something that I’m good with. At least I know he’s thinking about it and it’s on his mind And time just flew by. I remember, ‘aw man Ty, don’t even worry about it, we take these visits and you’ll have all the time in the world.’ Somewhere along the lines there, somebody put their foot on the accelerator and it took off. A couple weeks ago, for like a week straight, he just stayed in his room. He just came out to dinner and then went right back to his room. I could tell he was feeling a lot of pressure.”

Sam Webb: How’s he doing now?

Tyrone Isaac: “He’s doing good, man. Actually, just me and him getting away from the house was really good. When he was coming up, I’d say, maybe eighth grade, freshman year, somewhere in there…. we would (watch) a lot of drag racing.  That that was kind of my thing. Since high school, maybe his sophomore year we stopped doing a lot of the traveling.  We’d go all over the country and a lot of times it was just me and him, and that was our little getaway time. We’d leave the girls at home and go do our thing together.  So getting away this weekend, I think it relieved a lot of pressure. He got to get out here and see somewhere he really wanted to see. It was a good weekend. I think he got back to getting on track and getting his mind straight now.”

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